Zizette Mullins, running for Burbank City Council

Zizette has broad knowledge of how the city council functions. She has been a participant in almost every city council meeting and knows the policy making and decision making process very well.

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Viviana Garzon, running for City Clerk in Burbank, California

With 20 years of experience and vast knowledge of the city’s administration, Viviana believes she has the experience, character, and qualifications to be a great city clerk for Burbank. Her message is that she will be ready to get to work on the very first day she is elected!

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Miles Warner, running for School Board of Santa Monica-Malibu

Miles believes that his background makes him a good candidate for school board because he can identify the changes that these schools need and find ways towards making them happen!

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Stacy Rouse, running for School Board of Santa Monica-Malibu

Stacy hopes to work towards closing the achievement gap and engaging all students, no matter what background they come from. 

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