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State of California

Candidate Jackie Kan

Jackie Kan, running for Irvine City Council, District 1

Jackie is a mother, an Irvine resident, a working professional, and a leader dedicated to making sure that every voice is heard.

Jackie appreciates the nonpartisan nature of city council work, addressing residents’ needs for safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, thriving small businesses, affordable housing, and other essential community services.

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Candidate Charlene Wang

Charlene Wang, running for Oakland City Council

Charlene is a sister, a daughter of immigrants, a leader, and a devoted dog mom to her rescue dog, Galvi.

Charlene’s life, shaped by personal experiences and family dynamics, led her into politics with a commitment to advocating for vulnerable communities and driving systemic change.

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Candidate Daniel Heiss

Daniel Nathan Heiss, running for Richmond City Council, District 5

Daniel is a community servant, a volunteer, a leader, and a true believer in progress.

Daniel’s journey is marked by a consistent dedication to public service, community engagement, and the belief in the potential of well-run city programs to improve lives.

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Candidate Rachel Hernandez

 Rachel Hernandez, running for mayor in Riverbank, California

Rachel is a City Council member, a first-generation Latina and AAPI, a lifelong Stanislaus County resident, a volunteer, and an advocate for marginalized voices. 

Rachel aims to foster a culture where every Riverbank resident feels empowered to participate in decision-making processes, ensuring that the city’s progress benefits all.

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candidate Kate Bishop smiling

Kate Bishop, running for Chula Vista Elementary School Board Trustee, Seat four

Kate is a mother, a fourth-generation Chula Vista resident, a PTA Council member, and an LGBTQ community advocate.

 Ultimately, Kate’s vision is to ensure that every child is ready to learn and succeed, regardless of background or circumstance.

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 Omar Hashimi, running for City Council in Oceanside, District 4

Omar is a Military Officer, husband & father, minority small business owner, Afghan refugee, and
Housing Expert.

Omar’s expertise in housing issues is coupled with his dedication as an officer in the United States Army Reserve, where he serves as a signal officer. Through his dual roles, he exemplifies service to both his country and his local community.

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Dan Hall, running for Santa Monica City Council, California

Dan is a veteran, a Santa Monica resident, a coalition builder, a renter, and an advocate for marginalized voices.

Dan brings a unique perspective to the table—one grounded in empathy, inclusivity, and a vision for a better Santa Monica.

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Michelle Chambers, running for California State Senate, District 35

Michelle is a wife, a boy mom, a grandma to five, a hands-on community member, and a leader. With a compassionate approach and a commitment to inclusivity, she strives to create positive change and ensure a more progressive future for all residents in District 35. 

District 35 includes Inglewood, Compton, Carson Gardena, Watts, Willowbrook, Harbor City, San Pedro and Wilmington.

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 Susan Sheu, running for Democratic Central Committee in Assembly District 51

Susan Sheu’s life is a story of activism, community involvement, and leadership. Her journey from an epidemiologist to community activist has given her the exposure to diverse experiences that make her the leader that she is today.

Assembly District 51 includes Hollywood, West Hollywood, parts of Beverly Hills, Westwood, Sawtelle, and Santa Monica.

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Candidate David Gíron

David Girón, running for State Assembly, District 52, Northeast Los Angeles

David is a proud Angeleno, a community servant, a son of refugees, an environmental policy advisor, and a leader. With 13 years of dedicated public service within the city council, David strongly understands the needs and aspirations of the people of Los Angeles.

Assembly District 52 is entirely within Los Angeles County, encompassing the City of Glendale and Northeastern Los Angeles.

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Cassandra James, running for Solano County Supervisor, District 1

As a union member and a millennial from a working-class military family, Cassandra can understand the real-life experiences and needs of the people in her district. Her ultimate goal is to prevent future generations in Solano County from experiencing hardships like hunger, homelessness, or fear of law enforcement.

District 1 contains half of the city of Vallejo in the northern section.

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Candidate Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson, running for the Santa Cruz City Council, District 5

Joe is a student at UC Santa Cruz, a young activist, and a future leader looking to create a more equitable future for Santa Cruz. With a focus on housing affordability, workers’ rights, and climate action, Joe’s vision for their home town is one of inclusivity, sustainability, and vibrant community life.

District 5 contains parts of the UC Santa Cruz campus, faculty housing, and communities outside of the university.

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Candidate Kayla Booker

Kayla Booker, running for Riverside City Council, Ward 1

Kayla is a community organizer, a businesswoman, a student, a CEO of a nonprofit, and most importantly— not a politician. Raised in a family with a military and law enforcement background and influenced by her mother’s immigrant roots from Trinidad and Tobago, Kayla profoundly appreciates diversity and community involvement.

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Joy Schendledecker, running for the Santa Cruz City Council, District 3

Joy aims to bring her progressive values and community-centered approach to local governance, advocating for policies that address housing affordability, homelessness, and social justice issues within the district.

District 3 stretches from University Terrace Park to West Cliff Drive, between Bay Street and Western Drive. 

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Candidate Anyse Smith

Anyse Smith, running for Palm Desert City Council, District 3

Anyse is an advocate for disadvantaged groups, driven by her personal experiences with homelessness, incarceration, and recovery. She is passionate about lending her support and voice to those in need, particularly addressing issues like homelessness and housing instability.

District 3 has Interstate 10 as its northern border, extending east to the Woodhaven Country Club.

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Chris Shoults, running for Assembly District 63 in California

Chris is a problem solver, an educator, a father, a first generation college graduate, and an advocate for getting up and making a difference in the world. He believes in the power of grassroots efforts and community involvement, seeing elected office as a long-term commitment to serving the needs of his constituents.

District 63 includes Menifee, Canyon Lake, Lake Elsinore, Temescal Valley, Lake Mathews and some parts of Corona, Norco, Eastvale, and Riverside.

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Alexis Aviña, running for School Board, Chula Vista Elementary School District

Alexis is a dedicated mother, student advocate, and active community member with a deep passion for ensuring a better future for the children in her district. She is committed to democracy and believes every child deserves a bright, equitable future.

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Stephen Houlahan, running for Congress, California, District 48

Stephen is a seasoned registered nurse with over 25 years of experience in critical care, an environmental activist, a father, a husband, and a community leader. His political background is marked by his tenure as a former City Councilman and Vice Mayor of his hometown, Santee.

District 48 contains a large portion of inland San Diego County including Santee, Poway, and Temecula.

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Candidate Brenda Aguirre

Brenda Aguirre, running for Democratic Central Committee, District 80

Meet Brenda, an activist, an immigration advocate, a mother, a member of the LGBTQ community, and a leader within the nonprofit world. Motivated by her own experiences and the challenges her children have encountered in school, Brenda advocates for representation and support for marginalized groups in her district.

District 80 includes the southern parts of urban San Diego County. It runs up against the Mexican border and takes in the Latino core of the metropolitan area.

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Julie Lythcott-Haims, running for Congress, California, District 16

Growing up Black and mixed-race exposed Julie to a reality that many marginalized people face— the feeling of being questioned about your identity and being made to feel like an outsider. She believes in amplifying the voices of those pushed to the edges of society because of things like race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, immigration status, or ability.

District 16 contains the South Bay, Mid-Peninsula, and coastal San Mateo County.

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Nancy Watkins, running for the Orange County Board of Education, Area 3, California

Nancy is a lifelong learner, an educator, a mother, and a community advocate with a deep-seated concern for the most vulnerable children in the seven school districts within Area 3. She feels compelled to step forward and advocate for these students’ rights to quality education and support services.

Area 3 contains North and East Orange County. 

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Alysson Snow, running for Mayor of Lemon Grove, California

As Alysson ventures into mayoral candidacy, her genuine desire to help others sets the stage for a leader with a genuine understanding of the intricacies of people’s struggles in San Diego County. Alysson’s journey from a determined law student to a compassionate advocate and now a political force exemplifies a woman driven by a profound sense of responsibility to make the world around her a better place.

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Genesis Coronado, running for California State Assembly District 52

As a first-generation graduate and older sister to eight, Genesis attributes her current passion for helping others to her early role in assisting her parents and siblings to adapt to a new country. Genesis’s decision to run for this position stems from a desire to address critical issues and represent her community that lacks access to major resources and funding.

District 52 includes the unincorporated community of East Los Angeles, the northeast part of Los Angeles, and the southern portion of Glendale. 

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Katherine Aleman, running for Norco City Council, California

In 2020, After witnessing a lack of responses to issues like the pandemic and rising racial tensions, Katherine decided to run for office. Propelled by grassroots support- Katherine secured her place with a remarkable effort, including fundraising, door-knocking, and community engagement. As she seeks re-election in 2024, she acknowledges the gradual pace of political change and remains devoted to her ongoing work.

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Melissa May, running for House of Representatives, California, District 35

Melissa is an educator, a civil rights activist, a disability advocate, and a leader with a deep familial history within her district and a strong connection to her community members.

District 35 includes Ontario, Pomona, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, and parts of Eastville, Chino, Montclair, and Chino Hills. 

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 Heather Ferbert, running for San Diego City Attorney

Heather is a lifelong “local government nerd” who attended Cal State Long Beach for her undergrad then moved to San Diego to attend Law School. Long before her legal pursuits, her intrigue in intricacies of daily life fueled her fascination with the inner workings of local government. Since then, Heather has been a chief deputy city attorney for the city of San Diego for almost 10 years! She is also a proud mother to a 14-year-old daughter and a proud San Diego resident!

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Kostas Giannis Nikolas Batres-Schelcher, Future Leader

Although he is in tenth grade, Kostas’ desire to be involved in politics is driven by his compassion for others and his experience seeing the daily struggles faced by his community members in Long Beach, CA. His compassion for the well-being of people he doesn’t even know cuts deep into his core.

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Darshana Patel, running for California State Assembly, District 76

Darshana is a woman deeply ingrained in her community of Rancho Peñasquitos. She is the first person of color to be elected to the Poway Unified School District board and holds a PhD in biophysics. To this day, she is heavily involved in the school communities of her children and holds a position as the president of the San Diego County School Boards Association.

California’s 76th Assembly District includes the cities of Escondido, San Diego, and San Marcos.

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Maliha Williamson, running for Riverside County Board of Education, Area 7

Maliha’s identity as an immigrant shapes her unique perspective, as she recognizes her family’s sacrifices to provide her with better opportunities. Since arriving in the United States from Pakistan at age 11, Maliha has worked hard to make her parents proud and to contribute meaningfully to her community as a masters program graduate, an engineer, and now a candidate for the Riverside County Board of Education. 

Area 7 covers parts of Temecula, Murrieta, and Lake Elsinore.

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Lauren Cazares, running for City Council in La Mesa, California

Throughout her life in La Mesa, Lauren has been a Girl Scout, a high school golf team captain, and even student body president. Her family calls La Mesa home and her parents are business owners in this community. Lauren is a champion for LBGTQ+ rights at her alma mater and an ever-present positive force in her community.

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Edith Villapudua, running for California State Senate, District 5

With over two decades spent traversing the diverse landscapes of the public sector, nonprofit organizations, private enterprises, and entrepreneurship, Edith has acquired a panoramic view of the challenges that often confront those she seeks to represent.

District 5 contains San Joaquin County, the Tri-Valley region, and parts of Alameda County. 

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Erica A. Stewart, Mayor of San Luis Obispo, California

Erica is a mother, an entrepreneur, a Cal Poly SLO Alumni, and Mayor, who has long been devoted to making San Luis Obispo a better home.

Erica’s aspiration to infuse professionalism and fresh perspectives into local governance was born from her belief that government should serve its citizens effectively and empathetically.

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Dr. Ollie McCaulley, running for California State Senate, District 23

From military veteran to police officer and CEO, Ollie McCaulley’s diverse life journey has sculpted him into the person he is today—a compassionate leader committed to fostering unity, trust, and equity within his community through honest representation and unwavering leadership.

District 23 covers portions of Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles Counties.

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Jonathan Horton, running for Pasadena City Council, District 4

Jonathan’s vision for the historic streets of Pasadena is to create a harmonious blend of the old and the new, ensuring that both longtime and newly arrived residents can call these beloved streets home without the fear of displacement caused by skyrocketing housing costs.

District 4 covers the east side of Pasadena.

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Cindy Wu, running for Board of Education in the Mountain View School District, California

Cindy says that she is a public servant, not a politician. While it is not always easy, Cindy believes that serving on her current board is fulfilling and exciting, especially when she is seeing the district reach new goals.

This school district serves the cities of El Monte and South El Monte.

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Betty Duong, running for Santa Clara County Supervisor, District 2

Betty aims to be the voice of the people in the most impacted and diverse district. Her comprehensive platform centers on two key issues: the housing crisis and the growing need for behavioral health services.

District 2 includes portions of central, eastern, and southern San Jose.

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Dr. Sharifa Batts, running for Long Beach City Council, District 8

Through her lifelong involvement in Long Beach as a parent, volunteer, and advocate, Sharifa has gained a unique perspective about the challenges faced and the solutions needed within the 8th district.

District 8 houses the neighborhoods of Bixby Knolls (north of San Antonio Dr.), Addams, Dairy, Lindbergh, Carmelitos, Paramount, Longwood, Coolidge Triangle and Sutter.

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Nithya Raman, running for City Council in Los Angeles, District 4

Nithya believes that the best way to tackle homelessness is to focus on the dignity of unhoused people. She sees her campaign as a source of empowerment for people who feel helpless about the current homelessness crisis.

District 4 includes parts of Koreatown, Mid-Wilshire, Miracle Mile, Fairfax, Hollywood Hills, Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, Cahuenga Pass, North Hollywood, Los Feliz, Griffith Park and Silver Lake.

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Stephisha Ycoy-Walton, running for Alameda County Board of Education, Area 2

Stephisha believes that some of the people in positions of power within this district forget that the children are the ones they are supposed to be representing. Her goal is to become a Trustee for Alameda County and a representative specifically for the black and brown students of East Oakland.

Area 2 covers Alameda, a small portion of San Leandro North of Dutton Avenue, the Northwestern portion of Oakland, and the rest of Oakland below Area 3.

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When was the last time that you voted all the way down the ballot?

Democrats have the White House and the Senate, but in 2024, we risk losing it all. Democracy, women’s rights, human rights, the environment, social security, and medicare are all on the line.

There is too much at stake for us not to vote all the way down the ballot just because we don’t know who is running. Down-ballot candidates receive the least votes in every election, yet they play some of the most critical roles in our communities. It’s time that we know who we are voting for.

Elect Good People is on a mission to make it easy for voters to get to know their local down-ballot candidates. We interview and showcase Democratic candidates on our social media and our website so that you are ready to vote when election time comes around. Our written showcases help voters get to know a candidate’s policies, personality, and human side. After all, down-ballot candidates are often caring, hopeful community members who genuinely want to improve the lives of those around them.

Be confident in your vote. Save the future. Elect Good People will help you get there.