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Meet Jonathan Horton, running for Pasadena City Council, District 4

District 4 covers the east side of Pasadena.

Jonathan’s vision for the historic streets of Pasadena is to create a harmonious blend of the old and the new, ensuring that both longtime and newly arrived residents can call these beloved streets home without the fear of displacement caused by skyrocketing housing costs. After all, it’s the people that make up a community, and if Pasadena loses people, it also loses its community.

Raised in Pasadena, Jonathan’s roots run deep through these streets. He cherishes fond memories of his childhood, attending public schools like Field Elementary and Blair Middle School, exploring local parks, and soaking up everything his beloved city had to offer. But for Jonathan, it’s not just about nostalgia; it’s about the future.

With a heavy heart, Jonathan acknowledges the challenges that current and future generations are facing due to the relentless surge in the cost of living and the ever-present housing crisis. The dream of owning a home or even living in Pasadena is moving further out of reach for more and more residents. It’s a trend that’s driving many young people away from their hometown, and Jonathan believes that local and new residents all deserve the ability to live and thrive in this community.

Jonathan’s vision isn’t only about tackling housing issues; it’s about preserving the soul of Pasadena. He advocates for changes in zoning regulations, carefully crafted to encourage the development of more affordable housing units. For Jonathan, it’s about providing better options for residents without compromising the character of those historic neighborhoods that so many people around him hold dear. He knows that these streets, with their rich history, should remain a place where families and individuals can settle into their lives and reach their full potential.

But Jonathan’s ambitions don’t stop at housing. He knows that transportation is a vital thread in the fabric of a thriving community. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and accessibility, he aims to revolutionize public transit options, reduce reliance on cars, and create neighborhoods where walking isn’t just a necessity but a joy. It’s about a greener, healthier environment and a stronger sense of community where neighbors become friends and the quality of life soars.

In college, Jonathan originally pursued an engineering degree in hopes of making enough money to provide for himself and future family. However, his commitment to making a difference in people’s lives led him to a pivotal realization. He recalls thinking, “I can worry about money later on. I need to do what I’m really passionate about. Something where I’m serving my community every day.” It was this moment of clarity that prompted him to change course for a new future.

He then ventured into the realm of government and politics, where his journey began as an intern for the governor’s campaign. His dedication and hard work earned him opportunities to work with influential figures such as Congresswoman Judy Chu along with Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. Following a transformative internship, Jonathan received a job offer from Congresswoman Chu’s office, where he served for three years as a caseworker and field representative, a role where he was able to assist hundreds of families in the San Gabriel Valley with federal issues like immigration and veterans benefits.

But it’s not just government and politics that define Jonathan; he’s a man of many passions. An avid chess player, an Ultimate Frisbee enthusiast, and a fearless snowboarder, he knows that sometimes in life, you have to embrace a few bumps and bruises to truly enjoy the ride.

As Jonathan Horton campaigns for Pasadena City Council, he brings with him not just a fresh perspective but a deep connection to the community. His commitment to effecting change isn’t just a slogan; it’s a reflection of his very being. With his boundless energy and empathetic heart, Jonathan aims to transform Pasadena into a beacon of opportunity and inclusivity for generations to come. This isn’t just a campaign; it’s a journey towards a brighter future, and Jonathan invites you to walk this path with him.

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