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Meet Susan Sheu, running for Democratic Central Committee in Assembly District 51

Assembly District 51 includes Hollywood, West Hollywood, parts of Beverly Hills, Westwood, Sawtelle, and Santa Monica.

Susan Sheu’s life is a story of activism, community involvement, and leadership. Her journey from an epidemiologist to community activist has given her the exposure to diverse experiences that make her the leader that she is today.

At the heart of Susan’s world are her three children, each embarking on their own paths, from college life in Chicago to the classrooms of Santa Monica High. Balancing motherhood with her commitment to societal change, Susan embodies the spirit of multitasking with a purpose. Her family isn’t just her backbone; they’re her inspiration, driving her to strive for a better future for all children.

The outcome of the 2016 election stirred something deep within Susan. After noticing a pressing need for change within her community, Susan shifted from a passive bystander to a proactive advocate, diving into the realm of political activism. Her voice grew from whispers in online forums to loud, impactful actions, eventually leading her to the vice chairmanship of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and a pivotal role on the California Democratic Party Executive Board.

But Susan didn’t stop there. The Women’s March in 2017 was a pivotal moment for Susan— it was a catalyst that led her to help build the Grassroots Democrats HQ, founded by Brian Colker, Tamara Melzer Levenson and Melissa Grant. This movement breathes life into democratic causes and supports candidates who share their vision for a more equitable future.

Susan’s political involvement deepened in 2020 during her campaign for a Los Angeles County delegate position, securing an election win with around 23,000 votes. She’s all about emphasizing the power of local elections and their impact on the broader political landscape.

Susan’s tireless work has tangible outcomes, from her instrumental role in the 2018 elections to her ongoing advocacy for women’s rights, affordable housing, and environmental sustainability. Her commitment is evident through her role as the Vice President of Communications for the Santa Monica Dem Club and as an Executive Board member of the Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP).

Outside of politics, Susan loves to spend quality time with her family. Her home is a haven of love, laughter, and the occasional chaos brought by Prince the Labradoodle and Sunny the cockatiel. Knitting, her chosen form of meditation, allows her to weave her hopes and dreams into something tangible, a metaphor for her approach to life’s challenges.

As Susan looks to the future, her vision is clear: a Democratic Party that leans boldly into progressive values, championing housing, environmental stewardship, and protecting the rights of women, the LGBTQ+ community, and others who have had too few seats at the table for too long. Susan is helping to lay the groundwork for a world where everyone can thrive all while encouraging others to join in on this mission.

Susan Sheu’s journey is a testament to the power of conviction and the impact of taking that first step towards change. Her life reminds us that we all have the potential to be catalysts for change. In Susan, we see not just a driven community servant but a reflection of what we all can achieve when we stand up for what we believe is right.

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