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It’s time to Elect Good People

In a time where Democracy is on the line, we need as many Democrats as possible to vote. This means voting in every election and voting all the way down the ballot— and not just for the big-name positions. Down-ballot candidates are key members of government who influence policy, laws, healthcare, and your daily lives’. They need your votes just as much as the presidential candidates. 

The first step in voting all the way down the ballot is getting to know who you’re voting for. That’s why Elect Good People is interviewing down-ballot candidates and creating written spotlights for all voters to read and share. We look for Democratic candidates who are at their core, Good People. These are the leaders who will protect Democracy and stand up for people like us. Voting shouldn’t be hard, so let us make it easier for you! 

Remember, when we don’t show up to vote all the way down the ballot, we are taking a step back from our future, and leaving it up to someone else. Everything is on the line. 

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