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Let’s be real. It’s time for a change. Something isn’t right in our country- and it stems from the people who are in charge. We’ve had enough of leaders making decisions that do not serve our best interest. Laws being passed are not always made with our well-being in mind—which goes against everything a democracy stands for. In fact, some laws and bills even work against us (the people)! Think about the strict voting laws that have been recently passed that deliberately make it more difficult for people to vote. There’s even a new law in Georgia that makes it illegal to give voters food or water while they wait in long lines at the polls. It’s clear to see that laws like this do not come from good people. Here are some things that actually do come from good people and leaders; fairness, equality, safety, respect, protection, and togetherness.

We have gotten away from the true meaning of a government that serves the people, and it’s time to make our way back. This movement is about you, your family, the people you see daily in your communities, and your friends. These are the people who deserve good leaders who will do what is right. Let’s create the future that we all deserve.

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We think it’s time to elect leaders who are good people. Don’t you?

We need to know that the people making decisions on our behalf are in the business of helping us thrive. Not in the business of their own personal profit or political gain. And when we don’t show up to vote, we are making it easier for not-so-good people to stay right where they are- in positions of power that influence our daily lives. We can be the movement that finally puts the right people in office- but we need to vote.

Not voting is one of the worst things that we can do to each other. We need to make sure that we always vote and encourage others to do the same- and not just for the big shiny positions like the president, senate, and congress. But even more importantlywe need to vote for down-ballot candidates.

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