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Meet Kostas Giannis Nikolas Batres-Schelcher, Future Leader

“A great future is one without bigotry, without discrimination in our laws, without discrimination in our healthcare system. A society where if you need help, you can get help.” – Kostas

Although he is in tenth grade, Kostas’ desire to be involved in politics is driven by his compassion for others and his experience seeing the daily struggles faced by his community members in Long Beach, CA. His compassion for the well-being of people he doesn’t even know cuts deep into his core, influencing his desire to make a real difference in people’s lives—especially those less fortunate.

As a young person in America, Kostas is no stranger to feeling ignored and undervalued. Younger voices are often not given enough consideration, which Kostas believes needs to change. But he doesn’t let this deter him from having a place in the conversation. He plans to one day run for the House of Representatives to create the changes that will finally solve pressing issues in his community that have been left unsolved for far too long.

Kostas’s aspiration is to become a legislator, crafting and voting on laws while authentically representing his district and working to tackle pressing issues. There are a couple of topics that have already grabbed his immediate attention. Kostas shared with us a profound concern for the availability of healthcare within his community. Witnessing the number of people in his town without proper access to doctors is one of the driving forces that drives Kostas to one day run to become a representative. He empathizes deeply with the struggles many marginalized groups face and knows that real, concrete solutions are needed. Kostas also acknowledges the issues with the education system and points out how many students simply get left behind due to a lack of resources. Kostas sees the shortcomings in these systems and is determined to one day provide support networks and amend policies to prevent individuals from slipping through the cracks of the education system or being denied essential healthcare.

Amid the seriousness of his political aspirations, Kostas exudes a spirit of fun and enthusiasm. He finds joy in the diverse landscape of Long Beach, marveling at its diversity, inclusion, and the charm of its varied neighborhoods. Peering into Kostas’ personal life unravels more layers of his character: his pets, Herschel Peppercorn the 3rd (affectionately known as Hershey), and a cat with a name that seems to dance between Ginger, Olive, and Kitty, highlighting his love for his furry companions. His talents extend beyond the political arena, as he not only masters the piano but also possesses a flair for contortion and the art of voice impressions.

The future that Kostas envisions for upcoming generations is devoid of discrimination, where assistance is readily available for all, and unity takes precedence over division. He urges people to find common goals to work towards that will help people realize their similarities instead of creating more differences.

Through this personal look into Kostas’s life, we couldn’t help but be drawn to his genuine nature and his aspirations for a more inclusive and compassionate society. Kostas is a future leader with one of the longest names we have ever seen and perhaps one of the biggest hearts as well. His candidness, multifaceted talents, and unwavering commitment to change truly reflect the values that Kostas carries through life.

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