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candidate Kate Bishop smilingCandidate Kate Bishop wearing festival christmas glasses with her two children and husband. Candidate Kate Bishop reading a school book while dressed in a pirate costume.

Meet Kate Bishop, running for Chula Vista Elementary School Board Trustee, Seat four

Kate is a mother, a fourth-generation Chula Vista resident, a PTA Council member, and an LGBTQ community advocate.

Outside of politics, Kate is a professional costume designer who works in TV, film, and theater. She is deeply involved in her community, having served on the Council of PTAs and advocating for children’s rights. Kate’s passion for advocacy stems from her commitment to ensuring every child receives the support they need. Additionally, as the first openly queer person on her school board and a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, Kate advocates tirelessly for marginalized communities, particularly LGBTQ+ youth and those with special needs.

According to Kate, the most pressing issues facing her jurisdiction include many lingering effects of COVID-19, particularly on mental health, both for children and adults. She emphasizes the need for support in navigating youth behavioral issues stemming from trauma, made worse by excessive screen time during the pandemic. Additionally, Kate highlights challenges related to harmful rhetoric around immigration policy, given her district’s proximity to the US-Mexico border. She is also concerned about budget cuts within education, particularly those that limit arts funding. As a special education parent and professional costume designer with a theater background, Kate advocates strongly for protecting arts programs that encourage expression and healthy ways for young people to get involved in their community.

If Kate achieves her goals, the future of the people she aims to help will be transformative. She envisions securing federal funding for special education at the promised 40%, relieving financial burdens on districts and ensuring better support for all students. Additionally, she wants to expand arts programs, improve staff housing, address park accessibility issues, and establish community schools focused on shared leadership and meeting local needs. Kate emphasizes the importance of creating a nurturing environment where every child feels loved, safe, and supported, with strong family and community involvement. She advocates for diverse representation among teachers and staff to reflect student demographics better and provide effective support for all learners. Ultimately, Kate’s vision is to ensure that every child is ready to learn and succeed, regardless of background or circumstance.

Kate is passionate about making Chula Vista a hub of art and culture. As a commissioner on the Chula Vista Cultural Arts Commission, she works to highlight the city’s diverse and multicultural arts scene. She appreciates how the cultural fusion between the U.S. and Mexico influences the local arts, creating a unique and vibrant community.

At home, Kate lives with her husband, her sons, and their dog, Nalah— a Chihuahua-Miniature Pinscher mix. Kate describes Nalah as a “mommy’s girl” who never wants to leave her side! Besides being a costume designer and deeply involved in politics, Kate used to do stand-up comedy. However, her current focus is on her duties as a school board member and running for reelection. She also enjoys nerdy activities like Dungeons and Dragons and participates in camping trips with a medieval fair theme, where she serves as the camp cook for a large group of people. Kate describes herself as a big nerd who loves movies, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and anything that involves wearing a costume.

Overall, Kate shines as a dedicated school board member and community advocate, blending creativity with activism to drive positive change. Her inclusive leadership style and commitment to education make her a dynamic force for progress in Chula Vista.

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