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Meet Heather Ferbert, running for San Diego City Attorney

Heather is a lifelong “local government nerd” who attended Cal State Long Beach for her undergrad then moved to San Diego to attend Law School. Long before her legal pursuits, her intrigue in intricacies of daily life fueled her fascination with the inner workings of local government. Since then, Heather has been a chief deputy city attorney for the city of San Diego for almost 10 years! She is also a proud mother to a 14-year-old daughter and a proud San Diego resident!

Heather believes that in order for her city to run smoothly, it’s important to have a leader in the City Attorney position who can “hit the ground running” and create forward progress. Her work as Chief Deputy City Attorney makes her confident that she can be the leader that her community needs. With a background in housing and homelessness, Heather has also been deeply involved with San Diego’s housing commission since graduating from law school. She believes that she has the right experience to be the next City Attorney who will help the mayor and the council make essential decisions for San Diego.

In terms of addressing pressing issues, Heather has ideas on how to improve San Diego for all of its residents. She prioritizes preventing mass shootings by introducing safe gun laws, advocating for reproductive rights, and ensuring access to healthcare and safety for sanctuary seekers. Moreover, she’s dedicated to enhancing the local Family Justice Center that provides survivors of domestic violence with services and care. Heather also aims to push for a focus on teen dating violence to prevent future domestic abuse situations and educate young people on healthy relationship dynamics. These efforts reflect the primary areas where the city attorney’s office can directly impact a safer and more supportive San Diego community.

Heather seeks not just to implement policies but to nurture creative solutions that bring prosperity and amplify the voices of marginalized communities. Her vision is for a future where residents have the resources to protect themselves from unsafe situations. She dreams of a world where homelessness is no longer an epidemic and all people enjoy a safe, comfortable home. During the pandemic, Heather even wrote one of the state’s first eviction moratoriums— ensuring that people didn’t lose their homes due to a lack of available work. Heather aims to create a community that isn’t just sustainable but also fosters inclusivity and empathy for all its inhabitants.

Heather views San Diego as a highly welcoming and friendly place, appreciating its relaxed, surfer town vibe and the city’s ease in embracing individuals from diverse backgrounds. At home, Heather shares her life with a six-pound gray feline reminiscent of a Russian Blue cat and a dog resembling a mix of various breeds, almost like a dingo, adopted during the pandemic! She jokes that they don’t exactly like each other, resulting in a carefully managed sharing schedule at home, where treats often serve as the peacemaker.

Heather expressed to us that her commitment to the communities of San Diego is truly her passion. She isn’t afraid to go after Her whole life, she has carried with her a mindset of service and a desire to solve complex issues that affect her community members. She has a deep love for the challenging yet rewarding nature of her responsibilities, emphasizing the fulfilling journey in serving the constituents and the city as a whole.

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