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Meet Betty Duong, running for Santa Clara County Supervisor, District 2

District 2 includes portions of central, eastern, and southern San Jose.

In the heart of Santa Clara County, where vibrant cultures and historical neighborhoods converge, Betty Duong is emerging as a strong contender for the position of Santa Clara County Supervisor, District 2. In an engaging interview with us at Elect Good People, Betty candidly discussed her platform, shared her personal journey, and unveiled her innovative approach to tackling pressing issues in her community.

As the incumbent’s Chief of Staff, Betty has demonstrated her dedication to public service. Betty’s roots in District 2 run deep, having been born and raised there. With a rich tapestry of cultural diversity, this district is home to significant neighborhoods such as East San Jose, Little Saigon, Japan Town, and Little Portugal. Betty proudly asserts that her family’s story intertwines with the history of the county’s refugee resettlement program, embodying the spirit of community and resilience.

Running for Santa Clara County Supervisor, Betty aims to be the voice of the people in the most impacted and diverse district. Her comprehensive platform centers on two key issues: the housing crisis and the growing need for behavioral health services. Having actively managed the campaign for an Affordable Housing bond in 2016, Betty has a proven track record in addressing housing affordability. This effort has resulted in the creation of over 4,500 units of affordable and low-income housing and the establishment of a groundbreaking $50 million first-time homebuyer loan program.

However, Betty understands that housing is only one part of the equation. With a deep commitment to the wellbeing of her community, Betty plans to revolutionize the way behavioral health services are approached in the county. Drawing from her extensive experience, including overseeing the county’s public information office in emergency operations during the COVID-19 crisis, Betty envisions a future where behavioral health services are seamlessly integrated into all aspects of the county’s operations. She advocates for partnerships with local universities to establish pipeline programs that train future public servants in the skills necessary to address the behavioral health crisis effectively.

District 2, while often overlooked, is a district of resilience, determination, and hope. Betty embraces the challenges faced by this community and strives to lead with thoughtful innovation. With her unique blend of experience on both the policy and administrative sides of the county’s operations, Betty aims to bridge the gap between great ideas and practical implementation. Her vision extends to fostering a culture of transparency, inclusivity, and adaptability within the county government.

Beyond her commitment to public service, Betty offers a personal dimension to her candidacy. A talented ping pong player, she humorously claims to be undefeated in the amateur circuit. This playful spirit serves as a reminder of Betty’s relatability and approachability—a candidate who excels both in the serious business of governance and in fostering connections on a personal level.

As the Primary Election approaches, Betty continues to dedicate herself to the campaign trail, navigating between door knocking and public appearances. Her candidacy stands as a testament to her deep-rooted passion for her community, her ability to turn challenges into opportunities, and her unwavering commitment to creating a brighter future for Santa Clara County’s diverse residents.

In a district characterized by its grit, diversity, and untapped potential, Betty emerges as a visionary leader poised to uplift and empower the community she calls home.

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