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What is Elect GoodPeople? Elect Good People is an organization dedicated to making getting to know candidates easy, fun and accessible. We get to know candidates personally and showcase them online to create more informed voters.

Who is Elect GoodPeople? Elect Good People is a collective of people who want to create real change in their communities and the world as a whole through electing leaders who have our best interests in mind.

Who is behind Elect GoodPeople? Elect Good People is operated by Stimulated-Inc., a Los Angeles based creative studio in business since 2005.

What is a Community Lead? A Community Lead is someone who connects with Elect Good People to tell us what topics are the most prevalent and pressing in their communities today. Leads are crucial to the EGP movement because they help us explore and promote current topics that may otherwise go unnoticed. The more information we have about the needs of different communities, the better we can build awareness about these specific concerns.

What are the core EGP values and beliefs? We are progressive, optimistic and forward-thinking. Our movement is centered around the belief that we can truly change the world by electing leadership that is inclusive, caring and understanding. To us, inclusivity is the key that unlocks an entire world of valuable perspectives and experiences that we may otherwise miss.

What is Elect Good People’s endorsement policy? A lot of organizations out there endorse candidates—we’re doing something different. Elect Good People is simply about showcasing candidates that we believe are worth getting to know. We highlight them because we believe that they are good people who are deserving of your attention.

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