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Candidate Anyse SmithCandidate Anyse Smith Candidate Anyse Smith

Meet Anyse Smith, running for Palm Desert City Council, District 3

District 3 has Interstate 10 as its northern border, extending east to the Woodhaven Country Club.

Anyse is an advocate for disadvantaged groups, driven by her personal experiences with homelessness, incarceration, and recovery. Having lived in a shelter in Indio and later transitioning to stable housing, she understands firsthand the struggles marginalized communities face trying to reach stability. Anyse is passionate about lending her support and voice to those in need, particularly addressing issues like homelessness and housing instability.

A personal journey through adversity solidified Anyse’s path to working with disadvantaged groups, motivated by a desire to assist those who are rebuilding their lives. Four years after leaving the shelter program, Anyse pursued a law degree and became an attorney, using her skills to give back to the same community that supported her during difficult times. Anyse embodies resilience, empathy, and a commitment to helping those going through the same struggles she once experienced.

Anyse decided to run for office in Palm Desert because she recognized a need for strong advocacy for communities, working families, and those in need of affordable housing on the city council. With the recent redistricting creating districts for the first time in Palm Desert’s history, Anyse saw an opportunity to represent her district, which has no incumbent. Drawing on her decade-long experience in advocacy and her diverse background working with nonprofits, Anyse believes she can effectively serve the residents of her district on the city council.

There are critical issues in Anyse’s community, particularly in North Palm Desert, where development is rapidly expanding. She emphasizes the necessity for city council representatives who live in the district and understand its unique challenges. With a focus on sustainable growth, Anyse prioritizes eco-friendly initiatives and affordable housing to ensure that all residents have access to suitable housing options, regardless of income level.

Furthermore, Anyse underscores the importance of inclusive development practices, advocating for the inclusion of extremely low-income individuals and those transitioning from homelessness in housing projects. Drawing from her personal experience and understanding, she emphasizes the significance of providing supportive services alongside housing solutions, recognizing the dignity and belonging of all community members, regardless of their housing status.

If elected, Anyse plans to prioritize community engagement by organizing accessible evening forums to accommodate residents’ schedules. She aims to establish a transparent and accessible city council, ensuring regular availability to address citizen concerns, regardless of the issue’s nature. Anyse emphasizes proactive communication regarding development projects, advocating for transparency and opportunities for community input to foster informed decision-making and accountability.

Outside of politics, Anyse has a rescue cat named Monroe, whom she adores and has lived with for seven years! During the pandemic, she discovered a newfound passion for tennis and golf— a sport allowing her to spend cherished time with her father. Additionally, Anyse is a singer and has been a worship leader at her church for a decade, with a background in opera singing!

Anyse is a leader who emphasizes the importance of being authentic to oneself and advocates for those going through adversity. Her personal journey to candidacy positions her as a leader who can truly understand the needs of her community members in Palm Desert.

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