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Meet Alexis Aviña, running for School Board, Chula Vista Elementary School District

Alexis is a dedicated mother, student advocate, and active community member with a deep passion for ensuring a better future for her and her district’s children. Alexis is committed to democracy and believes every child deserves a bright future.

Outside of politics, Alexis is a devoted mom to two young boys, spending her days teaching her one-year-old to walk and indulging her three-year-old’s love for monster trucks. Despite her busy schedule, she finds solace in yoga, prioritizing her physical and mental well-being. Her commitment to health extends to her diet, as she preaches the importance of treating one’s body as a temple.

During her extensive travels abroad, Alexis’s journey to public service has been shaped by personal experiences, including overcoming cancer at a young age and witnessing the transformative power of education. These experiences are what have shaped Alexis into the advocate she is today. Her educational background, which includes an undergraduate degree from Cornell University and master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Southern California, coupled with 23 years of experience in public health, human services, and education, uniquely positions her to tackle the challenges facing her community.

Alexis says that she was influenced greatly by Obama’s election in Chicago to find her current path. This moment solidified her belief in the power of democracy and hope for historically marginalized voices. However, she also reflects on her disillusionment with the direction of politics in subsequent years, particularly seeing the misuse of power within her school district. She believes that some elected officials on school boards have misplaced priorities and are using their positions for vanity or power. Alexis recognizes that these positions should be held by dedicated leaders who truly care about the well-being of all students.

Alexis brings 23 years of diverse experience in public health, human services, and education to her role at a local nonprofit focused on education and economic mobility. She understands the critical importance of quality education in shaping a child’s future and recognizes the cascading effects of inadequate schooling on graduation rates, economic participation, and social well-being. Alexis emphasizes the need for systemic change to address budget deficits and disparities in resources and teacher qualifications within her large and diverse district of 20,000 students. She identifies equity in education as a pressing issue, with significant disparities between affluent and less affluent communities affecting resource allocation, teacher quality, and ultimately, student outcomes. By prioritizing these issues and fostering partnerships, Alexis aims to create a more equitable and effective educational system that serves all students, regardless of background or zip code.

Through her campaign, Alexis envisions a future where Chula Vista produces inclusive, globally-minded students who are empowered to contribute meaningfully to society. Her goal is to inspire students who possess academic excellence, strong moral character, and a commitment to social justice. By fostering a supportive educational environment, Alexis aims to break the cycle of poverty and create opportunities for all students to thrive.

Alexis’s path is unique: she lived abroad for 9 years in her early career while doing cancer advocacy and research! She lived in Mexico City, Guatemala City, Amman Jordan, and Europe, giving her a valuable expanded worldview. Currently, she lives in Chula Vista with her husband and two kids who all enjoy the charm of their community!

Alexis emphasizes the importance of mindful growth for Chula Vista, which considers the community’s needs and maintains a positive and inclusive environment, especially regarding new schools and infrastructure development. Her dedication to her community extends beyond politics; it’s also a personal commitment rooted in her love for her family and her belief in the power of education to transform lives for the better.

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