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Candidate Brenda AguirreCandidate Brenda Aguirre posing in front of a sign that says "MY BODY MY VOICE" Candidate Brenda Aguirre posing with earrings that say "VOTE"

Meet Brenda Aguirre, running for Democratic Central Committee, District 80

District 80 includes the southern parts of urban San Diego County. It runs up against the Mexican border and takes in the Latino core of the metropolitan area.

Meet Brenda, an activist, an immigration advocate, a mother, a member of the LGBTQ community, and a leader within the nonprofit world.

Brenda’s journey involves resilience, activism, and a deep commitment to the community. Born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, she immigrated to the United States two decades ago with little knowledge of politics. However, her life took an unexpected turn when she was subjected to a xenophobic attack while putting groceries in her car. This experience awakened her to the realities of discrimination and prompted her to take action.

Driven to make a difference, Brenda immersed herself in activism, joining community-based organizations like the ACLU’s People Power initiative. Through her involvement, she discovered her voice and a sense of purpose, advocating for marginalized communities like her own – immigrants, women, and LGBTQ+ individuals. Her passion for justice led her to pursue citizenship and engage in political organizing, ultimately becoming a formidable force within the Democratic Party.

As a nonprofit director overseeing immigration services and financial assistance programs, Brenda’s dedication to helping others is palpable. She champions causes like housing security, healthcare access, and quality education, drawing from her experiences as an immigrant and mother. Brenda’s journey fuels her advocacy as she strives to create a more equitable society for all who face struggles of marginalization and inequality.

In her role as vice chair of the Latina Democratic Club and as Boardmember of Run Women Run and Equality California, Brenda works tirelessly to elect candidates who reflect the values and needs of her community. Her focus extends beyond electoral politics, as she actively engages in policy discussions and platform development to ensure inclusive representation and progressive change.

Brenda has received recognition for her activism from two prominent organizations. Equality Democrats honored her with the Gloria Johnson Activist Award, while the San Diego Young Democrats presented her with the Advocate of the Year award! Despite her accolades and leadership positions, Brenda remains grounded in her commitment to grassroots activism. She emphasizes that her role as a facilitator and organizer is essential in empowering others to enact change from within their communities.

Brenda is deeply invested in addressing the struggles faced by her community, including housing insecurities, lack of healthcare access, and the need for quality education. Motivated by her own experiences and the challenges her children have encountered in school, Brenda advocates for representation and support for marginalized groups. Additionally, her encounter with workplace exploitation ignited her commitment to labor rights, emphasizing the importance of unions and fair treatment for workers. Brenda’s activism encompasses various social justice issues, reflecting her dedication to creating safer and more equitable communities.

Brenda has four mixed race kids— two of whom are queer as well. She was driven to make a difference because she realized how much they deserved a fair and equitable future.

Outside of politics, Brenda is a die-hard Star Wars fan and proud nerd, and has turned her home into a shrine to the beloved franchise, complete with themed tattoos, memorabilia, and even a customized car! Brenda is also a devoted pet owner of three dogs, including pit bulls and a tiny chihuahua, each adding charm and chaos to her household. Brenda remains steadfast in her commitment to finding and helping to elect good people who will create positive change in our communities! She hopes her story inspires other people to get involved in shaping a fair and safe future for all types of people.

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