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Michelle Chambers, running for California State Senate, District 35

District 35 includes Inglewood, Compton, Carson Gardena, Watts, Willowbrook, Harbor City, San Pedro and Wilmington.

Michelle is a wife, a boy mom, a grandma to five, a hands-on community member, and a leader.

Michelle decided to run for office after being approached by women’s organizations in Sacramento and Senator Bradford, the incumbent, who asked her to succeed him. Drawing from her experience as the former External Affairs Manager for the California Department of Justice, Michelle reflected on the ongoing challenges faced by her community, including homelessness, mental health, substance abuse, and the need for better job opportunities and livable wages. Recognizing that her work still needed to be done, Michelle jumped into the race, driven to continue serving her community and addressing its pressing needs.

Michelle emphasizes California’s high cost of living and the disparity between salaries and expenses. She comes from a family deeply involved in unions, with her father, husband, sisters, and brother-in-law all having been or currently being part of various unions. This background has instilled in her a profound understanding of the struggles faced by working families. Furthermore, Michelle’s extensive experience advocating for vulnerable communities has deepened her motivation to champion the rights to unionize, advocate for equitable wages, and secure access to essential services such as healthcare and childcare.

Michelle envisions a future filled with hope and progress for the people of District 35. She acknowledges the need for both realism and optimism in achieving her goals. Her vision includes ensuring that our unhoused neighbors receive the comprehensive services and the housing placement they deserve, providing essential care for individuals struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues, and expanding childcare services throughout the district. Michelle also advocates for improved Medicaid reimbursement to ensure access to quality healthcare and aims to enhance public transportation for safer and more accessible community living. Her vision emphasizes creating a supportive and inclusive community where everyone can thrive.

Michelle describes her district as one of the most diverse, welcoming, and loving communities, embracing individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds. She appreciates the inclusive nature of her district, where people of different nationalities, religions, and LGBTQ+ orientations are accepted and supported. Michelle recounts a heartwarming incident of community togetherness when residents came together to help a man whose car had broken down, highlighting the caring spirit of the district. She emphasizes the community’s vibrant atmosphere, with thriving local parks full of family activities. After living in this District for over 10 years, Michelle reflects on the profound love and unity she has witnessed among her fellow community members and neighbors.

Nyla is Michelle’s beloved pet— a pocket pitbull with a lot of love to give. She explains that Nyla became part of their family after their children left home and became her constant companion who accompanies her everywhere she goes. Nyla’s name comes from a combination of Michelle’s husband and her mother’s middle names. Reflecting on the therapeutic effect of dogs, Michelle appreciates Nyla’s unwavering love and support, particularly during challenging times.

Roller Skating, swimming, and dancing are some of Michelle’s favorite hobbies outside of activism. She also told us that she’s big on sleep and could probably sleep for 24 hours if she had the time! Overall, Michelle describes herself as someone who loves everyone and deeply cares for her fellow human beings.

With a compassionate approach and a commitment to inclusivity, Michelle strives to create positive change and ensure a better future for all residents in District 35. Her deep understanding of community needs, coupled with her genuine passion for helping others, makes her a strong candidate for this seat.

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