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Candidate Kayla BookerCandidate Kayla Booker with friends Candidate Kayla Booker

Kayla Booker, running for Riverside City Council, Ward 1

Kayla is a community organizer, a businesswoman, a student, a CEO of a nonprofit, and most importantly— not a politician.

Raised in a family with a military and law enforcement background and influenced by her mother’s immigrant roots from Trinidad and Tobago, Kayla profoundly appreciates diversity and community involvement. She is currently attending school for a drug and alcohol counseling program.

Kayla’s decision to run for City Council was sparked by a recent event where redistricting pushed the East Side of her community, predominantly composed of black and brown individuals, into a different Ward. Kayla explains, “Moving us into a ward that doesn’t relate to us is not beneficial for our history or what we stand for.” Despite her community’s strong objections, the city council proceeded with the redistricting, dismissing their voices. This incident underscored the importance of proper representation, prompting Kayla to advocate for policies prioritizing the people’s needs over the representatives’ political agendas. She says her community members have been her biggest supporters throughout this process.

Kayla identifies public safety, homelessness, and the responsiveness of public services as the most critical issues facing her community. With a rising crime rate and increasing homelessness, there’s a pressing need for effective solutions to address these challenges. Additionally, Kayla emphasizes the importance of ensuring people feel heard and valued in decision-making processes. In envisioning a successful outcome, Kayla aims for a future where diversity is celebrated, voices are heard, and unity prevails across the community. She is inspired by the unity and connectedness she sees in her mother’s homeland, Trinidad and Tobago— where all different types of people come together for the common good.

Kayla takes pride in her community’s thriving small businesses, which contribute to the economy and the unique character of Riverside. As a businesswoman, she is passionate about supporting local, family-owned establishments and believes they play a vital role in the community’s identity and economic prosperity.

Outside of her campaign, Kayla has some very unique talents. Along with being a passionate singer, she was a boxer for six years and even won a championship title! Kayla also has family pets, including a Pomeranian named Foxy, a German Shepherd-Husky mix named Oreo, and a pampered Chihuahua named Jade. She also mentions having koi fish in her backyard as well!

Kayla’s genuine dedication to amplifying the voice of her community, coupled with her diverse skill set, make her a great leader for her community. With Kayla at the helm, the community can look forward to a future where every individual is heard, valued, and celebrated.

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