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Candidate David GíronCandidate David Gíron

Meet David Girón, running for State Assembly, District 52, Northeast Los Angeles

Assembly District 52 is entirely within Los Angeles County, encompassing the City of Glendale and Northeastern Los Angeles.

David is a proud Angeleno, a community servant, a son of refugees, an environmental policy advisor, and a leader.

David’s journey is deeply rooted in his love for his city and community. Born and raised in Los Angeles, David’s life story intertwines with his passion for public service and his commitment to making a difference inside and outside politics. With 13 years of dedicated public service within the city council, David strongly understands the needs and aspirations of the people of Los Angeles.

Outside of his work, David is a true Angeleno. From his childhood in Boyle Heights to his service in the city council, David’s life has been connected with the people of Los Angeles since he was born. He went to school in LAUSD and then attended college at Cal State Northridge. His immigrant mother is a founding member of the Janitor Union. Beyond that, David is a frequent volunteer, giving his time to various causes close to his heart. His efforts range from aiding immigrants at the border to organizing makeovers for mothers at women’s shelters on Mother’s Day. David’s commitment to his community shines through in every action he takes.

David’s personal background, as the son of Salvadoran refugees growing up in a violent household, has shaped his perspective on the issues facing his district. He understands the real struggles of working-class Angelenos. David identifies several critical needs of his district, like public safety, affordable housing, clean air, and education. He highlights the pressing need for investments like programs and policies to address these challenges. Growing up near heavily trafficked freeways, David also understands the harmful effects of air pollution on health, particularly within immigrant communities in East LA. Additionally, David advocates for police reform, sharing his personal experiences with racial profiling and emphasizing the need for accountability and better policing practices.

Despite the challenges he has faced, David envisions a Los Angeles where community members lead the way to a better future. He emphasizes the importance of funding the Cal State system, highlighting its significance for black and brown communities predominantly attending CSUs. David believes they need a future where individuals can access vocational education without the burden of crushing student loans, shifting away from a system designed for Wall Street profits. Drawing from his experience in implementing policies and advocating for funding at the city council level, David highlights the need for state intervention to address these issues effectively. Overall, David’s vision is grounded in empowering communities and ensuring equitable access to education and opportunities for all.

Beyond his political platform, David’s personal interests and hobbies give us a glimpse into his personal life. From his love of baseball to his passion for rock climbing, David finds joy in staying active and connected to the world around him. He also cherishes his bond with his pet dog, Coco, a constant source of comfort and companionship. However, David’s journey has not been without hardship. The loss of his partner to liver cancer last year has deeply impacted him, but it has also fueled his determination to honor her memory through his campaign. David’s resilience in the face of adversity is a testament to his strength of character and his unwavering commitment to serving others.

As voters consider their choices in the upcoming election, David Giron stands out not only as a candidate with a comprehensive policy platform but also as a compassionate individual with a genuine connection to his community. With David Giron as a leader, the people of State Assembly District 52 can trust that their voices will be heard and their needs will be prioritized.

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