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Meet Alysson Snow, running for Mayor of Lemon Grove, California

Meet Alysson Snow, running for Mayor of Lemon Grove, California.  As a current City Councilmember, Alysson is ready to deepen her impact on her community by taking on this new role.

Alysson began her journey as a mother of five with aspirations of becoming an international human rights lawyer. Quickly, she realized just how much this path through law school would cost. Her pragmatic approach led her to transfer to a more affordable, higher-ranked law school, setting the stage for a career that blends legal expertise with a deep commitment to community service.

During Alysson’s six-year tenure at a large law firm, she worked in securities defense and dedicated herself to significant pro bono work. However, her trajectory took a turn after pregnancy complications in 2008. Upon returning to the law firm after her maternity leave, Alysson was confronted with the prospect of working on the legal defense team to represent a corporate bank executive, who was a key player in the subprime mortgage crisis. Faced with the stark contrast between helping this man versus aiding individuals facing home losses, Alysson made the decision to leave Big Law and jump to the Legal Aid Society of San Diego to help people save their homes.

For the next decade, Alysson dedicated her practice to helping working families keep their homes and avoid costly medical, student loan, and credit card debt.  She founded a self-help center and bankruptcy clinic and two debt-defense clinics in San Diego. Her impact extended beyond direct assistance, as she dedicated herself to training fellow litigators and organizations in supporting families, seniors, and marginalized communities to navigate and avoid the cycles of poverty.

Alysson’s decision to enter politics stems from her desire to influence change at a legislative level. In 2019, George Floyd’s tragic death became a catalyst for her to step up and run for public office. HIs cry out for his mother was a cry to all moms to step up.  This pivotal moment served as a call to action for Alysson, who recognized the need to be directly involved in crafting laws that impact us all.

Currently overseeing the University of San Diego’s Housing Rights Legal Clinic amid a housing crisis, Alysson actively addresses the challenges low-income families face, working to prevent homelessness and facilitate housing opportunities. Beyond her immediate efforts, Alysson passionately trains the next generation of social justice advocates, instilling the skills and passion she has developed to continue the fight for affordable housing and community well-being. At its core, Alysson’s political journey emanates from her foundational role as a mother, aspiring to create a better world for her children and the community.

Alysson’s primary focus for San Diego County includes addressing housing and homelessness, emphasizing affordability and shelter support. She also prioritizes promoting successful businesses, particularly within the immigrant community, by lowering business permit fees and leveraging regional economic initiatives. Additionally, she emphasizes the need to prioritize infrastructure, especially after recent floods, highlighting the importance of allocating funds to enhance safety and infrastructure systems in the city.

Beyond the political landscape, Alysson remains deeply connected to her roots in Lemon Grove, a tight-knit community where she resides. Known for its diversity, it stands out as one of the most varied communities outside San Diego. Alysson is fluent in Spanish, a devoted fan of Korean dramas, and a karaoke fan! Alysson’s Karaoke go-to songs are “La Copa de la Vida” and “I Will Survive.’ She even met her husband while moonlighting as a karaoke DJ in Utah!

As Alysson ventures into mayoral candidacy, her genuine desire to help others sets the stage for a leader with a genuine understanding of the intricacies of people’s struggles in San Diego County. Alysson’s journey from a determined law student to a compassionate advocate and now a political force exemplifies a woman driven by a profound sense of responsibility to make the world around her a better place.

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