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Meet Genesis Coronado, running for California State Assembly District 52

District 52 includes the unincorporated community of East Los Angeles, the northeast part of Los Angeles, and the southern portion of Glendale. 

Genesis, the eldest among eight siblings, grew up with the responsibility of being the first in her family to navigate high school and college. While born in the U.S., she was raised in Guadalajara, Mexico,and returned to the U.S. at seven, overcoming language barriers and cultural adjustments to find success. As a first-generation graduate and older sister, she attributes her current passion for helping others to her early role in assisting her parents and siblings to adapt to a new country.

Genesis’s early experiences as a bilingual mediator for her parents ignited her passion for community support and representation. She resides in an unincorporated community of 120,000 residents, meaning they have no mayor or city council.  Because of this, they depend on the county to meet their needs—a county of approximately 10 million people. This underrepresentation has motivated her to advocate for cityhood and to help implement community-wide improvements.

Genesis’s decision to run for the California State Assembly District 52 stems from a desire to address critical issues and represent her community lacking access to major resources and funding. She points out governmental shortcomings surrounding healthcare, public education, homelessness, and climate change that need attention. She also sees a pressing need for representation and higher voter turnout within her community. Healthcare accessibility, particularly the push for a single-payer system, resonates strongly with her; she advocates for the CalCare bill to improve healthcare access. Genesis is also pushing for a shift in education funding towards an enrollment-based model, ensuring equitable resources for all students.

The housing crisis, impacting many families in her community, drives Genesis to fight to repeal laws like the Costa Hawkins and Ellis Act, which would enable local jurisdictions to set rent control and protect tenants. Her vision includes fast-tracking affordable housing projects and implementing a social housing model that promotes cohabitation between low-income and middle-class families. Genesis’s commitment extends to addressing housing issues with comprehensive solutions and recognizing the need for mental health support, job training, and substance abuse programs. Through her proposed policies, she aims to uplift the quality of life for her constituents.

In envisioning the future, Genesis emphasizes community engagement and accessibility, aiming to lead collaboratively with regular town halls and outreach events. She envisions increased green spaces, enhanced safety, and improved quality of life for her community members.

Beyond politics, Genesis is a singer in her church choir and has participated in choral ensembles since she was a little girl. She also has a musical ear and even used to play the flute and accordion! Outside her community, Genesis is an adventure seeker who has traveled solo to Paris, Germany, Lisbon, London, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. She enjoys exploring new places and soaking in new cultures and ways of life.

Genesis’s personal experiences, upbringing, passions, and vision for a better community shape her into the candidate she is today— one who will fight for her community members to have the lives they deserve.

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