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Meet Katherine Aleman, running for Norco City Council, California

Katherine juggles roles as a Norco City Council member, a mother, a traveler, a DIY enthusiast, and an accomplished educator.

Outside of politics, Katherine is first and foremost a lover of literature and a seeker of adventures. Balancing her love for reading with a passion for exploration, Katherine embraces travel and the thrill of going on unique adventures. Since having four sons, she still finds time to explore, visit family-friendly destinations, and pass on her love of travel to her children.

A core part of Katherine’s identity is her role as a dedicated educator, a position she has held for over 15 years. Her journey in education has seen her teach an array of subjects, including biology, physical science, life science, marine biology, and AVID. Beyond the borders of the United States, Katherine served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay, channeling her expertise as an environmental educator into projects spanning health, HIV and AIDS literacy, waste management, and environmental education in schools.

Katherine holds a bachelor’s degree in Evolution and Ecology from UC Davis and a master’s degree in Education in Cross-cultural Teaching from National University. Her credentials include a single subject science credential in biology, a bilingual teaching credential in Spanish, and a preliminary administrative services credential—an impressive array of qualifications that attests to her commitment to advancing education and nurturing young minds.

In 2020, After witnessing a lack of responses to issues like the pandemic and rising racial tensions, Katherine decided to run for office. Propelled by grassroots support- Katherine secured her place with a remarkable effort, including fundraising, door-knocking, and community engagement. As she seeks re-election in 2024, she acknowledges the gradual pace of political change and remains devoted to her ongoing work.

Currently, Katherine is prioritizing a facilities master plan that could add much needed recreational facilities in Norco, such as a skate park, pump track, or splash pad. She emphasizes the need for community spaces that are accessible and safe. Additionally, she discusses the city’s efforts to provide affordable housing for veterans, acknowledging challenges such as zoning and density. Katherine also envisions a vibrant downtown with a more “Main Street-like” vibe. Despite hurdles, Katherine remains committed to realizing these vital community projects.

Katherine’s community embraces a motto of “city living in a rural atmosphere,” featuring large lots, rodeos, and agricultural pursuits. The community, with a population of around 23,000, faces challenges in funding community projects. Despite its smaller size, the city prioritizes preserving its unique character while addressing infrastructure needs and encouraging visitors to enjoy its rural charm.

Katherine has unique pets including two cats, a dog, fifteen chickens, two ducks, and a mouse! She even recently secured a grant to introduce chickens at a nearby school in Corona, fostering educational and agricultural experiences for students.

As a leader, Katherine envisions a future marked by collaborative efforts, inclusivity, and sustainable growth. She aims to foster community programming, create a safe and welcoming environment, and to enhance diversity through local events and initiatives and positive leadership.

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