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Sample Spotlight

We take a different approach to showcasing candidates, with language people can relate to.

Meet Adam Hollier, a Michigan State Senator running for U.S. Congress in District 13, Wayne County.

In an interview with Elect Good People, Adam pointed out to us some big ways that the decisions made by the U.S. Congress affects all of our lives. These are things like medical coverage, home loans, pandemic assistance, and even peace relations between nations. Right down to the roads that we drive on- Congress plays a huge part in setting the guidelines that determine how we live. That’s why Adam sees running for Congress as an important endeavor for himself.

One of the biggest issues facing Adam’s district is the lack of affordable and safe housing for his community members. He let us know that in Detroit, many people live in homes that may be lacking proper maintenance and they are faced with things like toxic lead paint, mold, leaking ceilings and lack of basic utilities like gas and electricity. Adam believes in investing in infrastructure so that people can have safe homes to live in. Otherwise, he says they will be forced out of the communities that they love and are invested in.

Home ownership is another topic Adam would like to improve on as it provides people with a stable place to call their own. When people have stable home environments, they are much more likely to find stability in other ways like gaining employment and finding ways to reach their greatest potential. He believes in changing federal lending guidelines so that more people are able to own property and improve their lives along with their families. Here’s something interesting that Adam pointed out to us: Many small businesses and success stories begin with someone working out of their parents’ garage, right? But what about the people who don’t have a garage, or even a functional home to work out of? He feels as if everyone deserves the chance to reach their fullest potential and that improving housing in his district will play an important role in that.

Another big point of discussion in Michigan overall is the auto industry. With Detroit being such a huge producer of cars, Adam says they have the unique ability to become leaders in the electric vehicle world. This is part of an overall push to transition into a cleaner planet that uses alternative energy sources. As fossil fuels begin to run out, Adam says places like Detroit will be able to manufacture the electric vehicles that could lead the entire automobile industry into a new era. That’s pretty cool!

Adam is also a strong believer in maintaining people’s fundamental rights like the right to vote, the right to feel safe no matter what color skin someone may have, and the right to make decisions about one’s own body. He believes in protecting vulnerable communities and creating a world where people are accepted and safe no matter what they identify as.

One of his other main goals is to make communities within his district safer so that the people who have lived there for a long time or even newcomers can continue to be a part of the community, go to church, attend local events, etc. This is to protect the traditions and heritage that many communities are at risk of losing due to displacement. Affordable housing is a goal of Adams and if elected he aims to work towards creating support networks that help keep people safe and thriving in their communities.

Something people might not know about Adam is that he is an avid builder and has even built his own personal gym! He loves spending time in the space he built and has put a lot of work into making it the perfect spot. He also practices Jiu Jitsu and told us that these days he and his four year old daughter love spending time together on the Jiu Jitsu mat. Follow Adam on Twitter

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