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Candidate Daniel Heiss Candidate Daniel Heiss posing with his dog

Meet Daniel Nathan Heiss, running for Richmond City Council, District 5

District 5, which is just north of Berkeley includes the Richmond Annex, Panhandle Annex, Southwest Annex, Eastshore, Cortez/Stege, Parkview, Laurel Park, and Marina Bay neighborhoods.

Daniel is a community servant, a volunteer, a leader, and a true believer in progress.

Daniel describes himself as the same person both inside and outside of politics, emphasizing his belief in empathy and authenticity. Outside of his political pursuits, Daniel is a passionate sports enthusiast with a deep love for various teams!

Daniel decided to run for city council because of his long-standing desire to serve his community. Inspired by his involvement with the LA Mayor’s Crisis Response Team, he has witnessed the positive impact of effective city programs. With a diverse background spanning the entertainment industry, collegiate athletics fundraising, nonprofit leadership, and tech, Daniel understands the challenges faced by residents in the Bay Area. Frustrated by the lack of genuine engagement in local government, he’s committed to bringing about meaningful change as a new voice in Richmond’s leadership.

The most pressing issues facing the community, according to Daniel, include the lack of grocery stores, limited local amenities, and challenges in sustaining small business growth. He emphasizes the need for a balance between economic development and community needs, advocating for support for aspiring entrepreneurs who contribute to the local economy. Additionally, he highlights infrastructure issues such as sidewalk maintenance and potholes, stressing the importance of prioritizing basic city services to enhance residents’ quality of life.

Daniel describes Richmond as a “hidden gem,” highlighting its small but mighty community of around 120,000 people. He notes its proximity to other well-known cities like Oakland and Berkeley but emphasizes the distinction of Richmond as its own unique place. Daniel speaks to the pride that residents have in their city’s history, including its contributions in industries like shipbuilding. He calls for a renewed sense of collaboration and community spirit to address challenges and unlock Richmond’s full potential.

In his free time, Daniel spends time with his family, including his blind dog, Socks, who is his honorary campaign manager! Daniel says that Socks manages to get around by relying on his other senses and his loving family to guide him. During our interview, Daniel also revealed some of his past unique hobbies like poetry and stand-up comedy!

Daniel’s journey from a lackluster public school student in Los Angeles to a candidate for city council in Richmond is marked by a consistent dedication to public service, community engagement, and the belief in the potential of well-run city programs to improve lives. With a diverse background and a passion for community service, Daniel is poised to bring fresh perspectives and meaningful change to Richmond and District 5!

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