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Candidate Omar HashimiCandidate Omar Hashimi volunteering to clean up trash with his wife and child.Candidate Omar Hashimi wearing an Elect Good People T-Shirt while campaigning.

Meet Omar Hashimi, running for City Council in Oceanside, District 4

Omar is a Military Officer, husband & father, minority small business owner, Afghan refugee, and Housing Expert.

First and foremost, Omar is a loving father and husband. He beams with pride as he speaks of his three-month-old daughter and his supportive wife, Mariam. Professionally, Omar brings over 18 years of experience in real estate to the table! His expertise in housing issues is coupled with his dedication as an officer in the United States Army Reserve, where he serves as a signal officer. Through his dual roles, he exemplifies service to both his country and his local community.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Omar is deeply ingrained in community service. He volunteers his time to various local initiatives, from assisting at homeless shelters to participating in cleanup activities. His commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others resonates through his actions.

Omar’s decision to run for city council stems from a genuine concern for his community’s well-being. He believes that too often, individuals in positions of power prioritize personal agendas over addressing fundamental local issues like road maintenance and public safety. Having lived in Oceanside for a decade and neighboring areas for 25 years, he identifies housing affordability and homelessness as some of the most pressing challenges. He highlights the alarming 11% annual increase in the homeless population and emphasizes the need for responsible housing development to prevent displacement. Omar aims to combat the homelessness crisis by advocating for comprehensive solutions and leveraging his expertise to address the root causes of housing insecurity.

Omar envisions a future where his successful candidacy results in tangible improvements for the community. His priorities include addressing homelessness by increasing housing availability, fostering the growth of small businesses to stimulate the local economy, and enhancing public safety measures, especially for children walking to school. He emphasizes the importance of environmental sustainability, advocating for responsible development practices and improved public transportation to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. Omar believes that opening Oceanside to responsible tourism can showcase the city’s beauty and contribute to its growth. He encourages an inclusive approach, welcoming visitors while addressing local concerns one step at a time.

At home, Omar has two cats named Blue and Joey, with Blue being half Russian Blue and half Siamese, while Joey is a tabby. Outside of politics, Omar enjoys time with his loved ones and plays chess and golf as hobbies! We also learned that he has the rare trait of being left-handed!

Omar’s candidacy is a testament to his lifelong dedication as a community servant who truly wants to help others. With his unique background and inclusive vision, he has the ability to lead Oceanside into a brighter future, one characterized by opportunity and prosperity for all.

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