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Candidate Charlene Wang

Meet Charlene Wang, running for Oakland City Council

Charlene is a sister, a daughter of immigrants, a leader, and a devoted dog mom to her rescue dog, Galvi.

Charlene is a person whose life has been shaped by a blend of personal experiences, family dynamics, and professional aspirations. Her upbringing was deeply affected by her family’s struggle with domestic violence, which influenced her understanding of socio-economic challenges and her eventual path into politics. She emerged with a strong sense of justice and a commitment to advocating for vulnerable communities. Her personal history has equipped her with a unique perspective on issues like domestic violence and financial dependency, driving her desire to create systemic change.

Charlene’s dedication to her community is evident in her volunteer work. She volunteers extensively with organizations addressing homelessness and domestic violence shelters, providing support and resources to survivors to help them achieve safety and financial independence. Her volunteerism complements her professional background in public service and social policy, where she has focused on addressing homelessness and improving the quality of life for underserved populations.

In her political career, Charlene is running for the at-large seat on the Oakland City Council. Her campaign is driven by a desire to tackle pressing issues such as homelessness, affordable housing, and public safety. Having witnessed the decline in quality of life in Oakland, particularly in areas like Chinatown, Charlene is motivated to reverse these trends. She brings to her campaign a wealth of experience from working on the East Coast in public service roles, with a particular emphasis on understanding and addressing the systemic failures that perpetuate homelessness.

Charlene’s vision for Oakland includes creating a safe and trusting relationship between the community and the police, significantly reducing homelessness, and making housing affordable for all. She also envisions Oakland as a hub for clean energy and job creation, particularly targeting opportunities for those without college degrees. Charlene is passionate about preserving and celebrating Oakland’s cultural diversity, proposing the establishment of cultural districts that honor the city’s rich history and promote economic growth through entrepreneurship.

Beyond her political ambitions, Charlene has a unique set of interests and hobbies that define her personal life. She enjoys adventurous eating, seeking out diverse culinary experiences that reflect her appreciation for different cultures. Traveling is another passion, allowing her to explore new places and broaden her horizons. Additionally, Charlene has an interest in wildlife photography which provides her with a creative outlet and a way to capture the beauty of the natural world.

Charlene is a dedicated public servant and a passionate advocate for her community, driven by her personal experiences and a profound commitment to social justice. Her diverse interests and extensive volunteer work reflect a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact, both within and outside the political sphere.

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