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Cassandra James, running for Solano County Supervisor, District 1

District 1 contains half of the city of Vallejo in the northern section.

Cassandra describes the county supervisor position as overseeing the establishment of county policies, adoption of ordinances, and administration of county services, including health, public safety, and public services. If elected to this position, Cassandra would become the youngest Solano County Board of Supervisors member, signaling a shift in political representation. She views this as a testament to the potential for change in advancing politics.

After witnessing the racial tension following George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent killing of Sean Monterrosa by the Vallejo Police Department, Cassandra knew she needed to do something. Motivated by her son’s question about how to stop these events, she recognized the need for policy reform and representation in local government. With a background in politics, economics, policy, and law from Mills College, Cassandra saw running for office as a way to address systemic issues, backed by support from various community groups who identified with her intersectional experiences. As a union member and a millennial from a working-class military family, Cassandra can understand the real-life experiences of the people in her district.

Cassandra identifies housing and homelessness, public safety, equitable economic growth, and sustainable development as key issues facing her community. She emphasizes the need to address both housing and homelessness. Additionally, she highlights concerns about a proposed new city in Eastern Solano County and stresses the importance of holding investors accountable for considering the well-being of the people.

To Cassandra, success would mean a future where individuals have the autonomy to define their paths to thriving. She believes in the importance of accessible county services for all community members and seeks to redefine affordability, particularly in the expensive Bay Area. Her ultimate goal is to prevent future generations from experiencing hardships like hunger, homelessness, or fear of law enforcement. Cassandra aims to ensure access to affordable housing, allowing families to stay and thrive in the diverse Solano County, which she views as one of the most diverse in the nation.

We learned that Solano County is uniquely positioned as the last affordable county in the Bay Area, creating opportunities for generational wealth and success. Cassandra underscores the county’s rich cultural heritage, noting its contribution to the world stage through artists like H.E.R. and E-40. Additionally, Cassandra highlights Solano County’s historical significance as the first capital of California, portraying it as a vital gateway linking major metropolitan areas and scenic destinations in the region.

Cassandra shares her love for pets, revealing she has a 12-year-old Yorkie named Bubbles and a Lhasa Apso named Turtle!  When asked about hobbies, Cassandra expresses her passion for history, enjoying visits to museums and learning historical facts. She also mentions her recent avid reading, highlighting the relaxation that books provide, especially during challenging times. Cassandra shared that she is a Truman Scholar, having received the prestigious Harry Truman scholarship for students interested in bipartisan policy. She was one of the last Truman Scholars awarded at Mills College, a competitive achievement considering the large applicant pool and limited number of awards granted each year!

Cassandra is a strong candidate for Solano County Supervisor who champions social justice and community empowerment. With a focus on housing affordability and public safety, her vision can transform the lives of her community members in Solano County for many generations to come.

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