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Meet Dan Hall, running for Santa Monica City Council, California

Dan is a veteran, a Santa Monica resident, a coalition builder, a renter, and an advocate for marginalized voices.

Dan’s personal journey outside of politics is deeply rooted in his experience navigating the military under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Despite the lack of structural support, this experience gave him a heightened sense of empathy, shaping his worldview and informing his actions in his professional career and volunteer work. Through moments of allyship, Dan found strength and inspiration, leading him to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of his life. From his involvement in Democratic clubs to his professional career, Dan’s mission revolves around building inclusion and equity within his community.

Dan decided to run for the Santa Monica City Council because of his belief in the community’s values of inclusivity and commitment to affordability. After moving to Los Angeles with his partner Jason, they found themselves drawn to Santa Monica for its beaches, walkability, and commitment to affordable housing and tenant protections. Recognizing Santa Monica as a place where they could call home, Dan became involved in local politics and observed a disconnect between the values he cherished and the actions of the city council. Disappointed by this disconnect, Dan was motivated to run for city council to bridge the gap and advocate for policies that truly reflect the inclusive spirit of Santa Monica.

In addressing the most pressing issues in his community, Dan emphasizes the need for a holistic approach that considers different aspects like housing affordability, infrastructure, and public safety. After witnessing many road injuries in his community, Dan advocates for infrastructure investments to protect pedestrians and cyclists among the busy intersections of Santa Monica. Additionally, he emphasizes the need to address the root causes of homelessness instead of criminalizing those who struggle with being unhoused. He believes in changing zoning restrictions like parking minimums and building homes near public transportation to make living in Santa Monica more affordable and accessible. Dan is committed to creating a community where all feel welcome and safe.

Dan envisions a future for Santa Monica where the community serves as a shining example of inclusivity and affordability. He believes that everyone, including working families and essential workers, should be able to afford to live in Santa Monica. To achieve this vision, Dan emphasizes the importance of strengthening policies that will protect rent control and implement more tenant and worker protections. He advocates for investing in affordable housing, using city-owned land and implementing measures to fund affordable housing production. Despite some challenges, Dan is optimistic that with the community’s support, they can overcome obstacles and create a more inclusive and equitable Santa Monica.

Outside of politics, Dan spends his time with Jason and their dog Hudson, a soon-to-be 4-year-old water dog. Despite his breed, Hudson is ironically afraid of water! Dan also has many active hobbies, like working out, running on the beach, swimming, and weightlifting! He even mentioned that he goes open-ocean swimming off the California Coast!

As a renter, veteran, and member of the Santa Monica Pier Board, Dan brings a unique perspective to the table—one grounded in empathy, inclusivity, and a vision for a better Santa Monica. With his blend of personal experiences and policy priorities, Dan Hall emerges as a candidate poised to lead Santa Monica into a more equitable future.

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