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Candidate Rachel HernandezCandidate Rachel Hernandez with her Jiu Jitsu teamCandidate Rachel Hernandez's two dogs

Meet Rachel Hernandez, running for mayor in Riverbank, California.

Rachel is a City Council member, a first-generation Latina and AAPI, a lifelong Stanislaus County resident, a volunteer, and an advocate for marginalized voices.

Rachel describes herself as an introverted and highly empathetic individual. She is the eldest of five siblings in a first-generation household, which instilled in her a sense of leadership and care for others from a young age. Because of her experiences, she is the person that community members and family see as the go-to person for help and support! Rachel is an avid volunteer for multiple organizations and has been a Riverbank City Council member since 2020!

Throughout her life, Rachel has realized that taking back power for the people and working collectively within your community can make things less difficult and lonely in life. As a first-generation Latina and half-API, she feels her unique perspective and lived experience are urgently needed in elected office. At 33, she believes now is the time to represent and advocate for her community in the Central Valley.

Rachel highlights that Riverbank is experiencing significant economic growth, but she identifies gaps in communication with key demographics, particularly the young and Latino communities, which make up 60% of the population. Her aim is to represent these voices in the decision making process within Riverbank. Rachel is also focused on balancing state mandates with local needs as a pro-labor, pro-union candidate, particularly regarding affordable housing. She is working to develop inclusive housing policies at the city level, aiming to influence broader county policies. Additionally, Rachel is fostering relationships with developers to ensure that new housing projects include affordable options. She emphasizes the need for strong policies to achieve these goals, recognizing that developers won’t make these changes on their own.

Rachel wants voters to know that in Riverbank, access to information translates to access to decision-making. She envisions restructuring the culture of the city council when she becomes mayor to enhance accessibility and improve communication with residents. By fostering a more inclusive environment, Rachel aims to reduce intimidation and encourage community participation in decisions that impact their daily lives.

Outside of her political ambitions, Rachel spends time with her two young rescue dogs, Riley and Ollie. She stays active by training in jiu-jitsu, which she has been consistent with for seven years! She appreciates the sense of community in jiu-jitsu and is particularly passionate about encouraging women to learn self-defense, contributing to a robust women’s program in her training community.

Rachel’s vision for Riverbank is one of inclusivity, accessibility, and growth. She aims to foster a culture where every resident feels empowered to participate in decision-making processes, ensuring that the city’s progress benefits all. As she moves forward with her campaign, Rachel remains committed to being a leader who truly represents the people in her community.

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