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Meet Ryan Braunberger, running for State Senate in North Dakota, District 10

Ryan is running because he believes it is time for all North Dakotans to be fairly represented. He says that representatives need to stop listening to lobbyists and instead put their efforts towards taking care of the citizens! Ryan is committed to being a leader that acts in the best interest of the people.

Ryan has a background working in the insurance industry and has a degree in social work! After working for corporations for many years, Ryan decided that he wanted to make a shift and become more active in his community. His current aim is to contribute to something that will positively impact the people of North Dakota. Ryan was approached by the house minority leader about the formation of a new district that he lived in. Ryan saw this as a way to make a difference and jumped at the opportunity.

Some of the most pressing issues that Ryan sees are the housing crisis, rising childcare costs, limited access to childcare, workforce shortages, and low teacher salaries. Ryan aims to help build a future where all people have a roof over their heads. He also wants to ensure that there is access to mental health care, and substance abuse treatment. Ryan says that no family should have to choose between childcare and a career or rent and medication.

Ryan wants people to know that North Dakota is becoming an increasingly diverse community. The legislature needs to adapt to these changes and Ryan is ready to make sure that it happens!

Ryan has two cats named Piper and Patches, and an aquarium full of fish! Outside of campaigning, Ryan plays in an adult kickball league where his team took 4th place for the season.

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