State of North Dakota

Katrina Christiansen, running for U.S. Senate in North Dakota

Katrina believes that we need representatives who will protect Democracy. Her goal is to stabilize government operations and to fully fund education. 

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Jeffrey Powell, running for Secretary of State in North Dakota

One of Jeffrey’s goals is to make sure that elections are managed properly so that people will gain back their sense of trust in elections and the personal power that comes with having the right to vote.

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Ryan Braunberger, running for State Senate in North Dakota, District 10

Ryan is running because he believes it is time for all North Dakotans to be fairly represented. He says that representatives need to stop listening to lobbyists and instead put their efforts towards taking care of the citizens!

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Thomas Casler, running for House of Representatives in North Dakota, District 27

Thomas sees a need in his district for legislators to care more about the communities and people that they represent. He is a father trying to make a difference in his community.

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