Jess Piper, running House of Representatives in Missouri, District 1

Back in 2020, Jessica went to the ballot box to vote and saw that there were no Democratic candidates on the ballot. She decided if nobody else was going to do it—she had to be the one to step up and run for office!

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Antoine Jennings, running for State Senate in Missouri, District 8

Securing the rights of the people is hugely important to Antoine. One of his biggest points is that Democracy is at stake, and if we do not take our rights seriously, we will be at risk of losing them.

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Kristen Radaker-Sheafer, running for House of Representatives in Missouri, District 7

Kristen believes in the importance of this position because it is the most direct link that the people have to the government. She knows that people need someone on the ground listening to them.

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Jessie Shepherd, running for House of Representatives in Missouri, District 114

To Jessie, a State Representative is someone who represents the people by listening to their problems and finding real solutions on a legislative level.

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Josh Becker, Running for St. Charles County Council in District 5, Missouri

Josh aims to be a council member who works for the people and always keeps their interests in mind when making decisions! Since he knows all the ins and outs of St. Charles County, Josh is confident he can serve his constituents best and know what his community members need. 

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Michael Baumli, running for Missouri State Senate in District 12

While Michael sees protecting the environment as hugely important, he says we need to find a balance between the environmental policies and protecting the farmers in these areas. Without proper consideration, certain laws could put farmers out of jobs and essentially stop them from making a living.

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Amy Freeland, running for House of Representatives in Missouri’s 140th District

Amy’s main motivation to run comes from seeing representatives not respecting the will of the people. Whenever possible, before making a legislative decision, Amy plans to consult with the people or groups who would be affected by that decision.

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Tara Anura, running for Missouri State Senate in District 16

If Tara is successful, she sees a world where people stand behind progressive candidates and give them support that they need. She also believes in a world where schools, teacher pay, housing, and healthcare are better funded.

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Meet Jessica Slisz, running for The House of Representatives in Missouri’s 49th District

Since Jessica has lived in Callaway County for her entire life, she’s confident that she knows the people there and can understand the needs of their communities.

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Jessica DeVoto, running for House of Representatives in Missouri, District 69

Jessica can understand the needs of the people because she is one of them, and she goes through the same challenges and struggles that many of her community members do.

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Michael Sinclair, running for Missouri State Senate in District 2

Making changes that community members want to see is extremely important to Michael. He recognizes that in leadership positions, it’s not about what he wants—it’s about the needs of the people.

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Bethany Mann, running for Congress in Missouri, District 3

Bethany believes that her background in agriculture, energy, and manufacturing make her uniquely qualified to represent families, workers, and farmers in her district.

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