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Meet Leslie Derrington, running for Missouri State Representative, District 96

Leslie’s story is a deeply personal journey that intertwines her roles as a dedicated mother, a passionate healthcare advocate, and a resolute Missourian who’s determined to achieve quality public education, accessible healthcare, and an exceptional quality of life for all Missouri residents.

In a recent candid interview with Elect Good People, Leslie shared her personal narrative, the compelling reasons behind her venture into politics, and her unwavering love for the vibrant city of St. Louis.

Beyond politics, Leslie is a devoted mother of three children. Armed with an education degree and a fierce commitment to her family, Leslie’s life took a remarkable turn when her daughter was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, a rare and devastating illness. This unexpected diagnosis propelled her into the world of advocacy, not just for her child but for all children battling this affliction. She has played a pivotal role in the journey that has seen spinal muscular atrophy evolve from a terminal diagnosis to a treatable condition over the last 13 years.

As a candidate running for a seat in the Missouri State House, Leslie is resolute in her commitment to be an instrument of transformation for her district and state as a whole. She’s determined to remind her state that its residents deserve access to great public education, affordable healthcare, and an high quality of life. Her inspiration springs from a deep concern about the trajectory of Missouri’s future and her earnest desire to be the voice for her neighbors.

Among the pressing issues she addressed, one of the most alarming is the legislative push to permit unsupervised children to carry firearms in Missouri. Leslie is fervently committed to confronting this issue and several other critical challenges impacting her community. She also emphasizes the urgency of regaining access to abortion care and combating a coordinated attack on public education. Leslie’s goal is to make it to the House and remind them that the people of Missouri deserve to have their voices heard and taken seriously. 

Leslie’s vision for a brighter future includes equitable wages for Missourians, particularly those experiencing poverty. We learned from Leslie that in Missouri, around one in five kids under the age of five are living in poverty and close to half of kids come from low income households. Additionally, she highlighted the pressing need for affordable healthcare, shedding light on the financial struggles that even middle-class families face when grappling with extreme medical costs.

Leslie’s love for her community is evident in her words. She proudly calls St. Louis the world’s most extraordinary city, praising its rich cultural treasures, from world-renowned museums and the St. Louis Zoo to the sports scene that unites the community. What sets St. Louis apart is its commitment to making these cultural gems accessible to everyone, offering free admission to many celebrated attractions.

On a more personal note, Leslie opened up about her love for her cherished Australian shepherd, a frisbee virtuoso, and her newfound passion for pottery. For her, pottery represents not just a creative outlet but a way to reclaim the artistic essence she felt had been eclipsed by the responsibilities of adulthood. The tactile nature of the craft allows her to shape functional items like coffee cups and bowls.

Leslie’s story serves as a testament to her devotion to her family, her community, and her state. Her brave strides into politics are fueled by an earnest desire to enhance the lives of those she represents. With Leslie’s unwavering dedication and fervor, the horizon of Missouri looks promising.

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