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Meet Zizette Mullins, running for Burbank City Council

This is the policy making body that approves all policies relating to governing the city of Burbank. Zizette isn’t new to public service—she has been a public servant for 35 years! She began her career back in 1987 and since then has been an elected city clerk in Burbank for the past 10 years. Because of this, Zizette has broad knowledge of how the city council functions. She has been a participant in almost every city council meeting and knows the policy making and decision making process very well.

Zizette has true care for her community. She has lived in Burbank for 40 years, and both of her kids and grandkids were born there! Her goal is to protect the people along with the neighborhoods, and help move Burbank into a new era of positive growth. These are some of the issues that Zizette has noticed throughout her career and time in Burbank. First, there is not enough affordable housing in her community. Her goal is to work towards expanding the housing market and making it realistic for nurses, teachers, and city officials to live in Burbank. She believes that these important people in her community deserve affordable living- along with those wanting to raise families and settle down in Burbank.

The homeless population in Burbank is also an issue that Zizette wants to address. She believes that these disadvantaged people need real solutions and support from their community. Zizette knows that her community has to work towards preventing homelessness as well, so that less people end up in this difficult situation. Currently, there is no homeless shelter in Burbank. Zizette is involved in the process of finding the right location for a shelter and believes that this will give so many disadvantaged people the ability to get back on their feet and find stability. We learned that the Salvation Army helps out in the community, providing food, property storage, and useful programs to homeless individuals. Zizette hopes that these programs continue and grow into the future.

Economic recovery is also on Zizette’s list as the pandemic has made it hard for many small businesses to stay open. She was once a small business owner herself, so she knows how challenging it can be. She is an advocate for small businesses and wants to provide programs that give them support. Lastly, Zizette wants to make sure that the fire and police departments of Burbank have the proper tools and training to serve their community well. She aims to work with these departments to give them the resources that they need and make sure that they can train and retain employees. Along with this, Zizette wants to make sure that diversity and inclusion are always a part of the hiring process and that all groups get the opportunity to be involved in their communities. Zizette has a 9 year old dachshund named Zoey! Zoey’s parents are actually the dogs of famous actor, Kelsey Grammer. Zizette is also a grandmother of 5 and loves spending time with her family and traveling with her husband.

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