YouTube Music Awards
YouTube Music Awards


An award show becomes live-streamed music videos

People said “It can’t be done”. Robb Wagner said “Yes it can”.

Robb joined YouTube and Spike Jonze as Producer of the first-ever ‘YouTube Music Awards.’ Utilizing Manhattan’s Basketball City, the acclaimed Live Cinema™ production created individual film-sets with artists and actors performing in scripted debut music videos to a live audience (and live-streamed on YouTube). Artists included Lady Gaga, Eminem, M.I.A. and Arcade Fire, with the live music videos generating tens of millions of views on YouTube.

For the first time ever, full-scale music videos were created in one take using Live Cinema™ technology before the show’s audience.

“Robb – I’m thankful you were there because you really facilitated our crazy dreams.”
– Chris Milk, Co-Director

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