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Kate Rumsey, running for Texas State House, District 115

District 115 encompasses Northwest Dallas County, including Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Addison, parts of Dallas, Coppell, and North Irving.

Kate is a Texas native, daughter of a small business owner, community servant, Air Force officer, and a leader.

Kate’s upbringing in Carrollton, Texas deeply influenced her decision to run for office. Witnessing her father’s struggles as a small pharmacy owner trying to navigate Medicaid reimbursement rates shaped Kate into the advocate she is today. Her interest in politics grew during high school and college, where she studied politics at the University of Notre Dame and interned for various politicians. After living in NYC and experiencing major events like 9/11 and the global recession, Kate pursued a career in law. She ultimately joined the military, serving as a reservist in the United States Air Force and working as a prosecutor in the Department of Justice.

During her time in government service, Kate became increasingly frustrated with the limitations of her role in influencing policy, particularly regarding issues like gun laws and healthcare. She realized that many of the most pressing issues affecting her community were at the state level rather than federal. Feeling a sense of urgency after the 2020 election and disillusioned by the political landscape, Kate decided to run for office to address issues such as healthcare, Medicaid, and reproductive rights directly at the state level. Her prosecutor experiences and commitment to her community’s well-being drive her determination to make a difference in Texas politics.

Kate views school funding as the “lifeblood of communities” in Texas, recognizing its crucial role in communities and personal development. She emphasizes the need for action at the state government level to address issues like school funding and gun safety, which she believes profoundly impact people’s lives. Kate criticizes the implementation of constitutional carry in Texas, arguing that it has led to a proliferation of lax gun laws and poses safety concerns. Drawing from her experience as a prosecutor, she cites cases involving the illegal sale of firearms to illustrate the negative impact of loopholes in gun legislation. Rumsey advocates for common-sense gun safety measures and emphasizes her commitment to addressing these issues, leveraging her background in law enforcement to advocate for change.

When asked about the future, Kate envisions a Texas where one’s zip code does not determine access to quality education and where public education is equitable across the state. She advocates for women’s reproductive rights, emphasizing the need for access to healthcare and the ability to make personal healthcare decisions without government interference. Additionally, she prioritizes safety and autonomy, aiming to preserve the state’s tradition of individual freedom while opposing governmental overreach.

Kate believes in the inherent goodness of people in Texas and their desire to treat others with respect and fairness. She aims to challenge stereotypes about Texas by emphasizing its caring and community-oriented nature. Kate is committed to preserving Texas as a place of opportunity and quality living for all residents.

Outside of her campaign, Kate spends most of her time raising her 18-month-old daughter with her husband in the army. She also enjoys playing multiple instruments, including the cello, piano, and guitar, and she has a passion for singing, especially Disney songs! Additionally, she is skilled at crocheting and often makes gifts for friends and family. Despite her busy life, she cherishes family moments, including karaoke nights with her husband, who enjoys singing “I’m Just Ken” from the Barbie movie.

Kate Rumsey’s diverse background uniquely makes her a strong leader for District 115. Her advocacy for issues such as healthcare, education, and gun safety, coupled with her ability to connect with her community, demonstrates her commitment to making Texas a better home. With a blend of real-world experience and a desire to serve, Kate is poised to be an effective leader who prioritizes the needs of her constituents.

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