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Candidate Cassandra HernandezCandidate Cassandra Hernandez Candidate Cassandra Hernandez posing with children Candidate Cassandra Hernandez

Meet Cassandra Hernandez, running for Texas State House, District 115

District 115 lies in the Northwest corner of Dallas County.

Cassandra is a woman of color, a deeply involved community member, a daughter of a single mom, and a fierce advocate for those around her.

Her journey into politics is a deeply personal one. Growing up in Texas, Cassandra saw the struggles of communities that didn’t always have a say and felt a strong pull to be their voice. Like many women and people of color, she battled doubts about her achievements and worth, often feeling like an imposter despite her successes. But the encouragement from Julie Johnson, the current representative for District 115, pushed her to leap into running for office. Julie saw Cassandra’s tireless commitment to the community and knew she had to run.

Cassandra knows what it means to represent a district where minorities make up the majority. She sees it as her chance to make sure underrepresented voices are heard loud and clear in Texas. She’s been a part of several advocacy groups, lending her voice to causes like sensible gun laws, partly driven by her loss—her dad was taken by gun violence. She’s also strongly advocated for expanding Medicaid, even organizing events to spotlight the healthcare gaps facing Texans.

Her campaign is all about tackling the issues that matter most to her district: from fighting for reproductive rights and addressing the fentanyl crisis to tackling gun violence head-on. Cassandra is also passionate about making housing more affordable and ensuring schools get the funding they need, especially in areas lacking the state’s support. Her commitment to these causes has earned her endorsements from those who know what dedication looks like—teachers, firefighters, and law enforcement.

The diversity and uniqueness of communities within House District 115 in Dallas County are remarkable to Cassandra, with each area presenting its distinct personality. She admires the district’s status as a melting pot, showcasing the vibrant interactions and engagement among different cultural groups.

Cassandra has a beloved rescue dog, Henry, and emphasizes the importance of ‘adopt, don’t shop’. She volunteers extensively, highlighting her involvement in coordinating pro bono legal clinics for underserved communities in Dallas County. Despite her busy schedule, she prioritizes community engagement and shows unwavering dedication to helping others, demonstrating a passion for facilitating collaboration among various organizations to address community needs effectively.

Looking ahead, Cassandra dreams of a district that’s even more engaged and empowered, where every vote and voice counts. She’s ready to build on the foundation laid by Julie Johnson, pushing for a future where progress and inclusivity are at the forefront. Cassandra Hernandez isn’t just running for office; she’s running for a chance to make a real difference in the lives of the people in District 115.

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