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Candidate Angel CarrollCandidate Angel Carroll with community members holding campaign signs that read "Elect Democrat Angel Carroll". Candidate Angel Carroll speaking into microphone

Meet Angel Carroll, running for Texas House of Representatives, District 52

District 52 includes Round Rock, Georgetown, Hutto, Taylor, Gerald, Liberty Hill, Cedar Park, Leander, Thorndale, and Coupland.

Angel is a daughter, a friend, a dog mom, a community leader, and a data activist who uses data to advocate for positive change!

Despite her progress as an advocate, Angel realized there was still a huge need to fight for basic civil rights and liberties in her community. This realization struck her while driving home from the bill signing ceremony for the Crown Act, which aimed to combat race-based hair discrimination in Texas. Feeling a sense of duty to step up and make a difference, Angel decided it was her turn to run for office and be a voice for her community. She adopted the mindset of “if I couldn’t beat them from the outside, join them and beat them from the inside.”

Angel sees several pressing issues within her community and district. These include restoring access to safe and legal abortions, expanding Medicaid, improving education, and addressing public safety and infrastructure concerns. She emphasizes the interconnectedness of these issues and advocates for a holistic approach to addressing them. Angel’s background in ending the school-to-prison pipeline and her personal experience as a survivor of gun violence drive her priorities, particularly in ensuring the safety of children. She highlights the need for collaboration between state, county, and city officials to tackle water scarcity and rising crime rates.

Angel envisions a future where transparency and accessibility are paramount in local government. She pledges to be transparent and accessible to her constituents, offering her cell phone number and actively engaging with community members to prioritize their needs. Drawing from her experiences, including growing up in the district, being in foster care, and relying on public services, Angel emphasizes her commitment to being a voice for working-class Texans. She aims to address real-life challenges her constituents face, such as healthcare costs, education accessibility, and utility expenses during emergencies. Angel’s goal is to represent the people of District 52 faithfully and ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are met.

Angel describes Williamson County as a beautiful, diverse community characterized by unique people, cultures, and perspectives. Despite being considered rural by land ownership, it has a lot of suburban qualities and is incredibly diverse. Angel expresses her love for Williamson County and believes it represents the direction and potential of the state.

Angel has a dog named Maxx, a 14-year-old Cavapoo, who she got on her 16th birthday. She describes him as energetic and on his way to outliving everyone in her family! Angel says her love language is coffee, admitting she has a coffee addiction. Outside of advocacy, Angel spends her time with family, hiking, camping, and kayaking on Town Lake and Lake Austin.

With a strong focus on healthcare, education, public safety, and infrastructure, Angel’s advocacy for working-class Texans reflects her genuine understanding of their challenges. Her passion, experience, and dedication make her a promising leader poised to bring positive change to District 52.

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