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Stefanie Rafes, running for House of Representatives, Pennsylvania, District 187

District 187 includes the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania

Stefanie’s journey into politics began with a pivotal moment—the Covenant School shooting. Shocked and saddened by the tragedy, Stefanie, a healthcare provider by profession, asked herself a crucial question: “What can I do to make a difference?” It was then that Stefanie decided to run for office, driven by her unwavering optimism and belief in grassroots activism. Now, as she navigates the political arena, Stefanie remains committed to making a positive impact, approaching the upcoming election with determination and humility.

According to Stefanie, key issues within her district include affordable housing, rampant land development leading to the loss of farmlands and open spaces, and worsening flooding due to inadequate drainage caused by unchecked warehouse construction. Additional concerns, such as healthcare costs for senior citizens and the cost of medicine, persist. With a heavily Republican-controlled Senate and lingering effects of gerrymandering, Stefanie emphasizes the need for more Democratic seats in the House to address these issues.

Looking forward, Stefanie envisions a Pennsylvania where every child receives a quality education, manufacturing jobs thrive in clean energy sectors, reproductive rights are protected, and sensible gun laws are in place. She aims to make healthcare and higher education more accessible, drawing from personal experiences and aspirations for her community’s future. Stefanie also hopes to inspire local engagement, emphasizing the importance of voting in state elections to enact meaningful change at home.

Stefanie told us that Lehigh Valley offers a diverse and beautiful landscape with something for everyone. From outdoor activities like hiking and skiing to its vibrant downtown areas and surrounding farmland, she emphasizes the presence of community and natural beauty. It’s a place where people of all backgrounds can find something to enjoy and appreciate.

Stefanie’s furry companions include a little dog named Chicky, short for Chiquita, and Dusty the cat. Despite their different personalities, they manage to live together harmoniously. Stefanie’s passion for gardening has flourished since settling into her own home, where she delights in curating vibrant floral arrangements. Stefanie also loves to try new recipes in the kitchen and get outdoors in her free time to enjoy nature. We even learned that she completed the challenging hike to the top of half dome in Yosemite along with completing Angels landing in Zion National park!

As a driven healthcare advocate with a green thumb and a love for furry friends, Stefanie brings a unique blend of compassion and determination to her political aspirations. Her genuine passion for community empowerment and her dedication to environmental stewardship set her apart as a refreshing and relatable leader.

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