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Meet Chelsea Oliver, running for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 4th district

Chelsea told us that due to redistricting, her district now contains many of the rural areas within Erie County. Within these specific areas, the communities have specific needs that are important for their leaders to understand. Chelsea believes she is someone who understands these needs fully.

Chelsea has been very involved in her community for years. She has spent much of her time working with non-profit organizations and has even been appointed a seat on the city council in Corry, PA. Through her experience, she says that she got to see the other side of leadership that most people don’t get to see. She wants to bridge the gap between leaders and citizens while being involved and active in her community. Chelsea believes that she is a great representative for the people who are trying to make change happen.

One of Chelsea’s top goals is to make sure that she is creating an environment where there are plenty of job opportunities. This means making sure that people have access to the internet—especially in the most rural places where they may not get internet connection. She believes in providing the people in her district with fair job opportunities. Aside from this, Chelsea aims to increase funding for public education and take care of teachers. She is also focused on making sure that everyone has health care and access to mental health services. She told us that there is also an opioid epidemic in her community that she wants to address and work towards solving. One of her goals is to show small towns that there is hope and to help them find ways to thrive.

Chelsea says that when she is elected, she will become the advocate that her district needs. She doesn’t want people to discount Erie County because she knows it will grow into something much bigger. Her community is growing and becoming more popular and her hope is that more young people decide to move there and begin their lives there. Chelsea wants people to know that her county is beautiful and has everything from beaches to ski resorts. She believes everyone should come see it, and that it’s beautiful during all four seasons!

Something you probably don’t know about Chelsea is that she is a State Powerlifting Championship holder! She told us that her deadlift record is 315lbs and her squat record is 350lbs! That’s some crazy strength. She says she will return to beat her own powerlifting records once she wins her campaign!

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