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Meet Madison Horn, running for Congress in District 5, Oklahoma.

Madison is a 7th generation Oklahoman and a proud citizen of the Cherokee Nation. With over 15 years of experience, she has built a career as a cybersecurity leader, working to defend American interests.

Growing up in a small Northeast Oklahoma town, we learned that Madison learned the values of hard work and resilience from an early age, valuable lessons that she still carries with her to this day. Her commitment to Oklahoma, we discovered, was deeply rooted in watching her father,
the local ag teacher, wholeheartedly invest his time and energy into bettering their community.

Madison’s professional journey in cybersecurity has revolved around defending American interests against foreign adversaries, nation-states, and terrorist organizations. She started at Fusion X, and later, at Accenture, where we learned that she spearheaded the development of their Global Cyber Defense practices. Her experiences scaling organizations led her to grow both PricewaterhouseCoopers Cloud Security Practice and Siemens Energy’s Global Security Practice.

With her unique blend of technical expertise, business acumen, and leadership skills, we learned that Madison left a significant impact on numerous companies, government agencies, and international cybersecurity standards. Additionally, her active involvement in organizations such as the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition and the board for the Oklahoma-Israel Exchange, as well as her advisory role with the Israeli Embassy for Economic Development, highlights her commitment to global affairs. She is currently serving as the CEO of Critical Fault, a cybersecurity startup founded and based in Oklahoma City, OK.

Madison finds joy in yoga, and cherishes the companionship of her two cats, Kit and Kat. Her favorite color is green, she enjoys the occasional documentary on World War II, and she greatly values sharing her stories and imparting wisdom on the young professionals she mentors. These personal details show us a Madison who is approachable, relatable, and above all else, boldly unafraid to be herself.

Madison’s decision to run for office was born out of deep frustration with the conduct of current politicians, the continued polarization of our country, and the lack of qualified individuals with technological expertise in Congress. She is running to represent Congressional District-5 in Oklahoma, with a campaign rooted in hope for the future that can only be achieved through accountability, transparency, and a desire to unite people, regardless of political parties, around a common cause: to serve people.

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