Meet Madison Horn, running for U.S. Senate in Oklahoma

Madison is a 7th Generation Oklahoman with a background in cybersecurity and a drive to take on a true leadership role! According to Madison, this position would entail setting baselines for the state and the nation as a whole.

We learned that Oklahoma is very disenfranchised, and while the state is purple, there is not a lot of Democratic representation in certain areas. If she wins, Madison will be the first woman and the first Native American woman to be elected to this seat. She would also be the first woman with a background in cybersecurity to hold this seat!

Madison told us that in Oklahoma, there is a very large population of Native Americans. We found out that there are a total of 18 tribes, with 5 of them being federally recognized. Madison feels a calling and a need to represent these groups of people who often go unrepresented in her home state. Her background in cybersecurity helps her envision ways in which her state can modernize their government in order to prepare people for the modern era of today. This means changing the ways they go about things like economic policy, foreign policy, education, and workforce development.

Madison’s journey began in a town with the lowest life expectancy in the U.S. It has a 68% unemployment rate for women and also one of the highest rates of domestic violence. Growing up on a farm, Madison developed her strong work ethic that guides her through her life today. Her background is what allows her to understand what the people of Oklahoma need—especially those living in rural areas who often get misrepresented. In her adult life, Madison pushed through adversity and even became a global executive for a cybersecurity company.

Overall, one of Madison’s goals is to reestablish the people’s trust in the U.S. Government. Especially around election integrity. She has seen that corruption and disinformation has caused many people to be hesitant about trusting those in leadership positions in the U.S. Madison believes that her authenticity, background, and ability to bring people together are the traits that make her a trustworthy candidate. She recognizes that the economy in Oklahoma needs help, and plans to strengthen it by creating more programs that help people get better jobs.

The state of Oklahoma has given Madison so much throughout her life, she now feels as if she owes it to the people of her state to represent their interests on the national stage. Her community raised her and made her the person she is today. One way that Madison wants to give back to her state is to prepare the people there for the future. She aims to leverage Oklahoman’s legacy of working with their hands and creating new pathways. This means investing in state driven vocational and certificate programs and providing alternatives to four year college programs. Madison says that when she is successful, the people in her state will carry less heavy burdens. She envisions that the generations that come after her will have much better lives and that the American dream can be reinvigorated. She wants the people to believe that if you work hard enough, you will have a prosperous life full of happiness and fulfillment.

We learned from Madison that Oklahoma has some of the nicest people in the world who truly want to help anyone and everyone. She also told us that many people have a lack of understanding about who Oklahomans really are. It’s not just a flyover state—it is a very beautiful place that many kind people call home.

Madison has two cats, named Kit and Kat and she loves to practice yoga in her spare time!

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