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Meet Adam Martin, running for Congress in District 1, Oklahoma 

Adam graduated from Oklahoma State into a world shaped by the pandemic. After putting off law school due to Covid, he found himself getting more and more involved in politics until the Democratic party came to him and asked him to run for this congressional seat. Adam’s experience with leadership includes holding the Tulsa District Chair of the African American Federation. For most of his life, Adam has been an advocate for necessary causes and has attended marches, meetings, town halls, and any event where he could show up for his community members. He wants people to know that he is being present and available for his state every day and making sure that he is working to represent the people well. His hope is that his presence can give people hope and encouragement to register and to get out and vote!

Public education is one of Adam’s top priorities. In addition to that, he wants to establish federal protection for workers, cap what Americans pay for prescription drugs, expand social security, and offer more community based services. He also is focused on revitalizing rural communities and protecting the ecosystems that many farmers, foresters, and ranchers rely on. Fair and affordable housing is also on Adam’s to-do list as he wants to provide people with proper housing, protect people from discrimination from landlords, and to curb rent increases that lead to evictions. Taxes are another topic that Adam thinks needs revision. He believes that the extremely wealthy should be held accountable for tax evasion and should be taxed according to their income. This way, more services could be available to hard-working communities. Another plan of his is to make sure that companies with huge wage caps between CEOs pay and median worker pay will pay higher corporate taxes. He believes that workers deserve fair wages and support.

Adam strongly believes that many of the people in this country agree on middle ground issues, but the division we face gets in the way of achieving our goals. His message is that we cannot let the media convince us that there is no hope that we can all unite and work together. Adam knows that there is hope, and a lot of it. He wants to be a voice in Washington for the people and a leader that will truly get things done. One of his best traits is that he is a huge people person who is dedicated to listening to others and serving the people the best way he can.

Adam also wants people to know that there is hope in Oklahoma for change and there are great things happening there, people just need to look past the division right now. He believes that all leaders should have a solid plan that begins with getting down to the root cause of issues and working out solutions.

Adam is an avid runner who loves using his daily workouts as a way to relax from the grind of life. He thinks it’s important for everyone to have a way to relieve stress and just find some peace within their lives every day. He loves trying new restaurants and small businesses in his community, especially mom and pop stores! He is also a singer who grew up playing the drums in his church. Adam is ready to address the real issues we all face and make the world better for future generations!

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