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Meet Virginia Tallent, running for judge in Hamilton County, Ohio

Specifically, she is seeking a position in the Court of Common Pleas, the general trial court in the county.

Virginia is an advocate, a public servant, a defender of rights, a mother and a wife.

According to Virginia, transformational justice is “creating a space in our courthouse that leaves every participant in the system better off than they were when they walked in.” Virginia aims to enhance public safety and deliver justice to all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Virginia has dedicated her career to public service, starting at the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati. There, she focused on affordable housing preservation, defending tenants facing eviction, and representing disabled children to secure special education services in local public schools. She later worked as a city litigator, fighting blight and nuisance across Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods. Transitioning into city administration, she served as the city’s human services director and is currently a deputy city manager, focusing on health, human services, and public safety.

Virginia has extensive experience navigating complex systems and is committed to improving courthouse efficiency, fairness, and accessibility. She emphasizes the importance of meeting people where they are, implementing social services in the courthouse, promoting efficiency, addressing implicit biases, and increasing transparency through data publication.

Virginia emphasizes the importance of creating efficient courtrooms for civil matters, particularly for business litigants, and advocates for a specialty commercial docket. Virginia emphasizes the need for judges to be well-prepared and efficient to prevent cases from lingering and driving up costs for the community. When elected, Virginia will work to establish a courtroom system focused on improving outcomes for all individuals involved.

Virginia’s love for Cincinnati comes from her personal connection to the city. She proudly speaks about its neighborhood-oriented culture and friendly atmosphere. Despite being labeled as “flyover country,” Virginia assured us it is anything but that. She passionately describes Cincinnati’s attractions, from its world-class museums to the excitement of sports events like Major League Baseball, football, and soccer. Virginia’s genuine affection for Cincinnati is evident, and she hopes others will recognize and embrace the city’s unique charm and vibrant character.

Outside of being an advocate, Virginia enjoys spending her free time with her two boys and husband! She thinks of herself as a bit of a tomboy and told us that she even played a season of boys soccer in high school.

Virginia says that she is dedicated to working with the community, expressing a commitment to working for the people regardless of the outcome of this election. She underscores her passion for public service and mentions that it’s not just a campaign agenda but a core aspect of her identity. Driven by her values of equality and justice for all, Virginia’s unwavering passion promises a brighter future for Hamilton County.

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