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Candidate Nathaniel Alan HawkinsCandidate Nathaniel Alan Hawkins posing with family and pets in group portrait Candidate Nathaniel Alan Hawkins with his wife and child Candidate Nathaniel Alan Hawkins smiling with family members

Nathaniel Alan Hawkins, running for Ohio Congress, District 8

Ohio’s 8th congressional district sits on the west side of Ohio, bordering Indiana.

Nathaniel is a proud father, fiance, brother, leader, and advocate for creating positive change when the world needs it.

Nathaniel’s identity is deeply intertwined with his devoted family man and caregiver roles. As a father to one-year-old Ezra, he finds profound joy in parenthood alongside his fiance. However, Nathaniel’s familial responsibilities extend even further. Just two weeks before completing high school, Nathaniel’s youngest sibling, Brandon, suffered an anoxic brain injury. This led Nathaniel to transfer from Ohio University, where he studied International Business, to the University of Cincinnati, enabling him to support his now paralyzed brother. Amidst his studies at the University of Cincinnati, Nathaniel assumed leadership as President of the Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) fraternity. Throughout these challenges and achievements, Nathaniel’s unwavering commitment to family has remained the cornerstone of his life.

Nathaniel comes from a family legacy of service, with his father being a United States Marine veteran and a Cincinnati firefighter and his mother working at the Children’s Hospital. This upbringing instilled in him a deep sense of duty towards his country and a determination to stand up for its principles. From his early years serving as class president to becoming the first person of color in over a century to hold the position of student body president in his high school, Nathaniel’s leadership has always been driven by a genuine desire to help others rather than pursuing titles.

Feeling deeply concerned about current events, Nathaniel emphasizes the importance of strong motivations for political action. Fearful of the gun violence, especially in schools, he finds himself compelled to take a stand and run for Congress to protect his son and community. Nathaniel also highlights the pressing issue of living wages in his district and nationwide, stressing the struggle of low-income families to afford basic necessities. He discusses his previous experience working for a large corporation, where he received low pay despite managing multimillion-dollar facilities, illustrating the need for corporate accountability and fair wages. Despite recent federal legislation to raise the minimum wage, Nathaniel emphasizes that it still falls short of providing a livable wage in 2024.

According to Nathaniel, the post-9/11 era has defined his generation with ongoing national crises, including wars, financial recessions, pandemics, and housing market crashes. Despite his passion for education, Nathaniel explains that he faced challenges balancing school and family responsibilities, leaving him with significant student loan debt and limited opportunities. He highlights the widespread struggle among his peers to afford education, buy homes, and escape financial burdens, feeling unheard by policymakers who neglect their generation’s needs and perpetuate systemic issues without viable solutions.

Nathaniel shared with us his family’s history of slavery and racism, highlighting the lasting impact on his elderly relatives, who still recall their struggles vividly. He points out the ongoing impact of slavery, racism, and Jim Crow laws. Despite the painful history, Nathaniel aims to bring hope and genuine representation to his congressional district, citing recent political battles in Ohio as examples of the disconnect between lawmakers and their constituents.

When he’s not advocating for a better future, Nathaniel is spending time with his family and his pet dogs that have been a part of his life for many years. We learned that Nathaniel identifies himself as a musical enthusiast, having participated in senior choir and drama shows throughout high school, and proudly admits to being a self-professed nerd who loves Star Wars!

Rooted in a deep sense of duty and personal growth, Nathaniel’s readiness to lead with empathy and integrity is evident in his words and actions. Nathaniel is on track to become a leader driven by sincerity and resolve, ready to effect genuine change for his community members.

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