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Meet Jeff Sites, running for US Congress, Ohio, District 4

Jeff’s roots in his community run deep. He and his daughter both graduated from the same public high school and grew up in the same community of Lima. Jeff’s journey throughout life has taken him both near and far. He spent a portion of his time away from Lima, dedicating himself to various roles tied to the military. Whether it was serving as a military policeman in Germany or supporting his spouse in Fort Benning, Georgia, Jeff’s commitment to duty has been unwavering.

His journey has also seen him wear the uniform of a Department Of Defense police officer and later transition into a forklift operator after the first Gulf War. But what truly sets Jeff apart is his motivation for stepping into the political arena. He has chosen to challenge the status quo in the Ohio 4th congressional district, currently represented by Jim Jordan. Jeff firmly believes that Jordan has fallen short of representing the interests of the district. Despite his long tenure in Congress, Jordan has never introduced a single bill, leaving constituents feeling unheard and unseen.

Jeff recognizes the dissatisfaction many residents feel towards Jordan but acknowledges their hesitance to vote for a Democrat. He seeks to bridge this gap, promising to be a representative who puts people first, regardless of party lines.

When discussing the pressing issues facing the district, Jeff’s passion shines through. He places great emphasis on the importance of education, child nutrition, and support for local farmers. Jeff advocates for the rights of farmers to repair their own farm equipment. Some farm equipment companies require that their own technicians are the only ones who can repair their machines and this can lead to long wait times for repairs. Jeff believes farmers should have the right to repair their own equipment whenever they need to so that they don’t miss out on vital earnings throughout the year. He also is an advocate for the expansion of broadband access to empower rural agriculture and rural communities. Additionally, he champions allocating a portion of military spending to enhance VA services and facilities, ensuring that veterans receive the care they deserve.

At the core of his values is the preservation of public schooling. Jeff firmly rejects the notion of book burning and passionately believes in the strength of public education. He holds it up as an example, citing his own life and his daughter’s as proof that public schools provide a strong foundation for success.

As Jeff campaigns for the Ohio 4th congressional district seat, his message is thought-provoking. He asks voters to reflect on which side of history they want to be on. In a time when democracy is increasingly fragile, he is determined to safeguard it.

Jeff’s journey is a testament to the power of community, passion, and the enduring belief in the capacity of individuals to bring about positive change. As he seeks to represent the people of the Ohio 4th district, he aims to forge a connection with voters, sharing his life, values, and vision for a brighter future.

Yet, hidden behind these diverse roles is an unexpected passion—photography. In 1998, Jeff pursued his love for photography, earning an associate’s degree in applied science from the Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology. He is greatly inspired by the work of Ansel Adams to find and capture mesmerizing landscapes through a lens. Despite the considerable expense, his love for this art form endures, much to the amusement of his wife, Kathleen.

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