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Meet Addison Caruso, running for State Representative of Ohio’s 36th district 

After attending law school, Addison moved back home to the same area he grew up in. This is when he realized there were many backwards policies put in place that were pushing his home state in the wrong direction. Addison knew he needed to step up and be the change that he wanted to see.

District 36 is a mostly suburban district outside of Dayton Ohio that includes some city sections as well. Many people move within this district for their school systems so Addison wants to protect these schools and make sure they have enough funding for their students. As well as suburban schools, he wants to make sure that residents in the cities are getting a good, well funded education. Addison believes that someone’s future should not be determined by where they grow up. This means making sure all schools have qualified teachers and the tools that students need to thrive.

Since he focused on environmental law in school, Addison wants to see more solar power being used in his state. During a recent heatwave, there were numerous electricity blackouts in Columbus because the energy grid was overworked and overloaded. Renewable energy could be a more reliable and cost efficient solution to these problems.

Housing costs also need to be addressed since many residents in this district are finding it harder to afford rent. Addison also wants to introduce an incentive for landlords to install solar panels and help renters lower their utilities costs. Aside from this, Addison wants to see teachers get paid more fairly and for the community to offer more vocational training for students who want to go to trade school.

Addison wants you to know that while some people overlook Ohio, it is actually home to many progressive people who want to see more diverse, equitable communities. He believes that the current legislature does not represent the people well enough and he wants to work to change that. He told us that Dayton even has an office dedicated to bringing immigrants and refugees into the city to find them a more stable life. Addison sees this opportunity as a chance to flip the Ohio house and represent the progressive people of the state!

Addison has 4 cats, 2 dogs, a gecko, and a pet frog named Phillip that he has had since the 2nd grade! He loves reading new books, going on beautiful hikes, and every once and a while playing Dungeons and Dragons.

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