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Candidate Sadi Summerlin Candidate Sadi Summerlin Candidate Sadi Summerlin

Meet Sadi Summerlin, running for Congress, Louisiana, District 3

District 3 contains the southwestern and south-central portion of the state, ranging from the Texas border to the Atchafalaya River, including parts of Lake Charles and Lafayette.

“If you feel like you are the only person in your town that wants progress, I promise you, you are not alone. Be brave. Step out — and stand out — and stand on what you believe in — because we can do this together.” – Sadi

Sadi is a dedicated mother, wife, and community leader with a background in education and advocacy. As a certified teacher with multiple higher education degrees, Sadi has carried her passion into supporting families navigating the complexities of the education system, particularly through Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings. As an advocate, Sadi ensures that parents and students understand the process and collaborate on plans for academic success, reflecting her commitment to serving others.

Sadi’s decision to run as a representative stems from a profound dissatisfaction with her current representative, Clay Higgins. Feeling unheard and misrepresented, Sadi was motivated to take action after Higgins refused to support legislation ensuring reproductive rights. His dismissal of the bill based on personal beliefs sparked a determination in Sadi to advocate for body autonomy and ensure that everyone’s rights are upheld, leading her to her current path.

According to Sadi, District 3 faces issues related to healthcare accessibility, education reform, and environmental sustainability. She emphasizes the importance of empowering individuals to advocate for their rights, particularly regarding healthcare choices and reproductive rights. Additionally, Sadi addresses the challenges within the education system, including teacher shortages and infrastructure issues exacerbated by natural disasters. Furthermore, she acknowledges the complex relationship between industry, pollution, and job opportunities in the region, alongside concerns for seafood and wildlife preservation.

Sadi envisions a future where the Equal Rights Amendment is written into the constitution, providing protection for all of our rights. She advocates for industries to pay their fair share in taxes, ensuring adequate funding for Louisiana schools to become top-tier institutions with air conditioning, technology, and qualified educators. Sadi emphasizes the importance of investing in students as the foundation of a prosperous future, alongside supporting local fishermen and farmers by alleviating heavy taxes on their goods. While those in District 3 may sometimes feel overlooked, Sadi reassures her community members that their voices do matter and encourages them to advocate for what they need.

Outside of her advocacy and political endeavors, Sadi shares her love for animals, particularly her pit bull named Harrison, whom she affectionately calls her baby. She advocates against breed discrimination for pit bulls who tend to get a bad rap in the world. Additionally, Sadi reveals her passion for running and her aspiration to one day participate in the famous Boston Marathon!

Sadi is dedicated to fostering a progressive and inclusive future for all individuals. With a strong educational foundation and experience in advocacy, she emerges as a capable leader poised to tackle the challenges facing her district.

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