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Meet Tammy Ingalls, running for House of Representatives in Indiana, District 50 

Tammy is concerned about the current legislature in Indiana and believes that many of their choices are harmful to the people in her state. She is concerned for her neighbors and is certain that Indiana can do better. Tammy is running to be the representative who works towards making Indiana a better place for the people who call it home.

Tammy began her college education studying biological and physical sciences in Indiana. She has experience in research and development as well! Once she met her husband, they moved out into the country where she began training horses. Throughout her life, Tammy began to realize there were issues within her state that she wanted to find solutions for.

We learned from Tammy that the past couple of years have been problematic for the Indiana legislature. She told us about representatives and senators who have been voicing very extreme and concerning views. One example she gave is a senator within her state who told a teacher that they should be teaching about Nazis in a “neutral” manner. These are the things that made Tammy decide to run for this position and try her best to get Indiana back on track.

Another issue that Tammy sees within her state is the county jail system. In her county, Wabash County, there is one of the highest rates of death within the entire county jail system. She won’t stand for unfair treatment of anyone—even those who are in trouble within the legal system. Tammy has empathy and care for all people and aims to advocate for better county jail leadership.

Public education is important to Tammy as well. Her state has been consistently defunding public schools and putting more money into for profit, religious schools. She says that this is directly connected to the lack of employment in her state. According to Tammy, quality public  education is the foundation of a stable society. She wants to help her state catch up and help fund public schools in Indiana.

Tammy envisions a future where there is equality for all. She believes that all women should get the healthcare that they need and mental health care should be more widely available. Tammy told us that many doctors and nurses will not move to Indiana to work and medical students refuse to train there. The harsh legislature of Indiana is not only dividing the state, but it is making it a place where reputable businesses and professionals want to avoid moving to. Tammy says that this is bad for the people of Indiana because they are the ones who will suffer because of these divisive leaders.

Tammy wants people to know that Indiana is a beautiful state with welcoming, honest, and sincere people. Many of them are disenfranchised by the government, but Tammy has hope. She believes that more transparency with where tax dollars are being spent will go a long way with all Indiana residents who deserve to see more community improvements.

Tammy has a love of horses, and enjoys training them. It’s one of the reasons she decided to stay in Indiana! She is a member of the National Organization for Women and a founding member of the local chapter in Northeast Indiana. Her message is that you can go through a difficult life and still come out of it successful and happy!

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