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Meet Sabrina Bousbar, running for Congress, District 13, Florida

District 13 includes Largo, Clearwater, and Palm Harbor

Sabrina is an emergency preparedness expert, former Biden administration official, and organizer running for Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional District.

“That’s the beauty of this country. We are in the fight for democracy, liberty, and justice for all this November. So it was important for me to step up and do this.”

Beyond public service, Sabrina is a proud big sister, volleyball player, swimmer, past marching band chief at FSU, and community advocate. But what truly sets her apart is her deep-rooted connection to the environment and community she is proud to call home. Her commitment to protecting marine life and preserving Florida’s beaches is not just a talking point, but a personal mission. It’s a cause she’s championed through her volunteer work at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and her time spent helping with local beach cleanups. She’s even taken the initiative to earn her masters in  emergency management and natural disasters, all in an effort to protect her community and the environment that she holds dear.

For Sabrina, running for office is not about being something, but DOING something. This path is a testament to her unwavering belief that all communities deserve safety, health, and prosperity. Her experiences at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have shown her the power of government funding in creating resilience in local communities through initiatives like the American Rescue Plan. However, she’s also witnessed the detrimental effects of budget cuts by the Republican majority in Congress, which threaten vital programs like Social Security and veteran benefits. This has only fueled her determination to advocate for her community and bridge the disconnect between federal, state, and local government. As the only candidate born and raised in the Pinellas County-based district, she’s ready to bring about the positive change her community needs!

Sabrina cites the affordability crisis as among her constituents’ most pressing concerns. Through conversations with voters, she often hears about the rising cost of groceries, gas, rent, and housing in her district, which outpaces income growth. Additionally, the high cost of property insurance coverage is a major worry, even for those nearing mortgage payoff.

Another significant issue is reproductive rights, with many women expressing concerns about extreme, right-wing attempts to restrict access to essential healthcare services like abortion, birth control, and IVF. Sabrina emphasizes the need for these decisions to remain between individuals and their healthcare providers rather than being dictated by government intervention.

She is committed to showing up, listening to community concerns, and making sure all backgrounds and generations are represented. In Congress, Sabrina will work to strengthen and protect Social Security and Medicare, helping ensure our seniors can make ends meet and enjoy the dignity of a secure retirement..

With her background in emergency management, she plans to address public health issues and enhance resilience to natural disasters like hurricanes and red tide. She aims to build a community prepared for future climate challenges through proactive efforts, ensuring resources are in place to protect small businesses and tourism. Sabrina pledges to engage with relevant agencies and stakeholders year-round to ensure readiness and safety during hurricane season.

At home, Sabrina has a pet dog named Milo, whom she affectionately calls her “little old man” and she looks forward to spending many more years with him. When asked about her community, Sabrina passionately talks about Florida’s beautiful white sand beaches, particularly Clearwater and Indian Rocks Beach. She believes they are among the most beautiful in the country and emphasizes the importance of protecting them for future generations!

As Sabrina embarks on her political journey, her unique blend of experience, understanding of her neighbors’ needs, and drive for results set her apart as the clear choice for Congress. With Sabrina at the helm, the future looks bright for the people of FL-13!

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