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Meet Adam Frisch, running for U.S. Congress in Colorado’s 3rd District.

Adam has one goal heading into this election: become a congress member who truly represents the people in his district, and focuses on the issues that are most important to them.

Here’s what we learned about Adam’s background: He has a business background that has given him experience in small business ownership, and extensive experience in the finance world. He currently lives in Aspen where he spent eight years on Aspen City Council. He is a proud father of a 9th and 10th grader, and Adam’s wife, Katy, is the president of their local school board. Some of Adam’s focuses as a Councilperson were affordable housing, access to childcare and sustainable land planning. Above all, Adam describes himself as a collaborative person. He believes kindness is an asset in this demanding and sometimes ruthless political atmosphere and all of Congress could all benefit from more thoughtful, compassionate people.

Adam believes that the biggest issues facing the 3rd District are the squeezing of the middle class and the lack of a solid representative that can actively address pressing issues. Adam knows people in his District struggle with the cost of healthcare in Southern and Western Colorado, increasing home prices, skyrocketing rent and food prices, utilities and transportation. Adam told us the current representative in power has not been able to focus on these issues and has let them go unaddressed. Adam believes in upholding Roe v. Wade is  focused on keeping kids in school. During the COVID outbreak, Adam became a substitute teacher in order to be there for students who needed and wanted to continue their education. He also noted  that children should never feel unsafe in a classroom, and that our country needs common-sense laws  to protect students and the Second Amendment for law-abiding citizens.

Adam’s goal is to join the Problem Solvers Caucus Group in the House of Representatives, which is a bipartisan group made up of Democrats and Republicans. We think this is great because it allows elected officials to cooperate on and work towards solving key issues regardless of their political affiliation. Adam also understands the needs of rural area residents and aims to improve the lives of the people living in these areas. He told us that many of his potential constituents experience water shortages and lack of broadband making it difficult for them to work and learn remotely, or  use telehealth for virtual doctor visits.

Something Adam wants you to know about Colorado’s 3rd District is that it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. There are mountains, rivers, and prairies that attract nature lovers from all around.  His District is also on the edge of a huge energy transformation. In fact, one of the biggest steel mills in Colorado is almost completely solar powered now . Overall, Adam sees his District as a place where people enjoy their lives and value their  beautiful environment. Along with his family, Adam loves backpacking, hiking, and camping. He spends his free time on the beautiful Colorado trails with his dog, appreciates the beauty around him every day, and is ready to fight to preserve it.

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