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We think it’s time to elect leaders who are good people. Don’t you?

We need to know that the people making decisions on our behalf are in the business of helping us succeed. Not in the business of their own personal or political gain. And when we give up our right to vote, we are making it easier for not-so-good people to stay right where they are- in positions of power that dictate how we live our lives. This can be the movement that puts more good people in office, and keeps them there.

We just need to make sure that we each vote, and encourage others to do the same- not just for the big shiny positions like the president, senate, and congress. But also for the down-ballot candidates who can actually have more of an impact on our daily lives.

We will spread our simple, yet powerful message through a grassroots community-building effort supported by social media, an informative website experience, a media library, and an e-store selling a colorful lifestyle brand that emblazons our message, Elect Good People.

Be A Community Leader

(Opportunity coming soon)

  • Share our messaging with your friends.
  • Share our media with your friends.
  • Share our blogs with your friends.
  • Bring us voter questions that we can answer.
  • Learn about all of the down-ballot candidates and issues on your local ballot and share that information with us so we can include it on our website and social media. (Read about down-ballot candidates here.)
  • Spread your local down-ballot information with your community so your friends are informed and ready to check every box on their ballot (not just the big ones).
  • Help make sure you encourage every possible person you can to Elect Good People.

Your welcome gift is a hoodie, bumper sticker, sticker pack, and coffee cup for showing off on all of your video calls.