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Anti-Discrimination Checklist

The list that people who aren’t good people don’t want you to have

  1. Put 11/08/22 in your calendar now
  2. Make sure you are registered to vote here
  3. Request a mail-in ballot
  4. Get informed about every candidate and measure down your ballot
  5. Make a list of everyone and everything you are going to vote for or against in your notes
  6. Mail your ballot, drop your ballot or vote in-person before the deadline
  7. Make sure all of your friends are doing the same things you’re doing

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We think it’s time to elect leaders who are good people. Don’t you?

We need to know that the people making decisions on our behalf are in the business of helping us succeed. Not in the business of political or personal gain. And when we give up our right to vote, we are making it easier for not-so-good leaders to stay right where they are- in charge of the big decisions that impact us all! We can be the generation that finally changes this pattern and puts the right people in office.

We just need to make sure that we and all of our friends vote, not only for the big shiny offices like the president, senate, and congress. But also for the down-ballot candidates who can actually have more of an impact on our daily lives.

Don’t know what down-ballot candidates are?

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