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“Vote because we deserve leaders who see us, who hear us and who are willing to act on our demands.”
-Stacey Abrams

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Why We’re Here

Supporting Young Voters

Across America, would-be voters continue to turn away or opt out, discouraged by the permanence of inequality, the persistence of voter suppression. Voting is a first step in a long and complex process, tedious but vital. Our mission is to offer young voters resources they can use to end their disenfranchisement from the voting system and finally be heard.

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What We Do

Art and Information

Teardown2020 creates a new digital space for merging art with voter resources. We partner with artists to create digital galleries that include video, audio, design & animation. We merge local voting resources and information with art. We curate a nationwide network of one-on-one community stewards, to listen to young people, and provide information directly.

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Who We Are

Passionate Political Operatives

We are an army of creatives, artists, technologists and passionate people committed to listening, learning and offering our resources to the next generation of voters.

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Join our army of grassroots artists, creative studios, independent labels, athletes, supporters, management companies, and creative agencies. Be part of this one of a kind creative experience.