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Candidate Julie Hulburd

Meet Julie Hulburd, running for Vermont State Senate, Grand Isle District.

This district includes the suburban town of Colchester and the more rural areas of Grand Isle County.

First and foremost, Julie is a mom. She has two teenagers who keep her grounded in the everyday realities of parenting, from navigating FAFSA applications for college to running to soccer and swim practices. This experience of raising children, with all its joys and challenges, deeply informs her perspective and fuels her drive to improve her community.

Julie’s professional background is rooted in human resources, where she spent two decades in municipal government and various non-profits and private organizations in Vermont. This career path allowed her to manage people and systems efficiently while raising her family. Her role in human resources also honed her skills in understanding people’s needs and mediating conflicts – skills that are invaluable in her political life. Her passion for community service is evident in her involvement with Vermont’s first Ethics Commission and the Cannabis Control Board. Julie’s commitment to ethics and community welfare has been a consistent theme throughout her career.

One of Julie’s notable initiatives was organizing a community event in place of the traditional town spaghetti dinner, which was canceled due to COVID-19. Demonstrating her inclusive approach, she reached out to the chairs of the Republican and Progressive parties to ensure the event was non-partisan and truly community-centered. This initiative exemplifies her belief in collaboration and her commitment to bridging divides, even in a politically polarized climate.

Julie’s vision for her district is clear and focused on addressing pressing issues such as housing and the opioid crisis. She recognizes that these challenges are interconnected and that solving them requires a holistic approach. Her experience in human resources has taught her the importance of listening to people and understanding their needs, a philosophy she brings to her political career. Julie envisions a future where her district is not only addressing immediate issues but also creating sustainable solutions for long-term prosperity. She aims to tackle the housing shortage to revitalize Vermont’s population and economy, ensuring that families can thrive and businesses can grow. 

When she’s not working or campaigning, Julie is an outdoor enthusiast. Living in Vermont, a state known for its stunning natural landscapes, she makes the most of every season. Whether it’s skiing in the winter or paddleboarding in the summer, Julie loves to be active and outside. Her family shares this passion, particularly her husband, who is a motorcycle enthusiast. Together, they enjoy camping trips and exploring the great outdoors! Julie also has a cat named Leia and a loyal rescue dog named Cooper, a mix of collie and shepherd.

Julie’s dedication to her community is unwavering, fueled by her personal experiences as a mother and her professional background in human resources. Her vision for the future of her district is grounded in collaboration, inclusivity, and sustainable solutions. With her deep roots in Vermont and a passion for service, Julie is ready to lead and make a meaningful impact in the State Senate.

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